8 BOXES REMAIN – Hand Recount Nearly FINISHED – HUGE Discrepancies Expected – NO BALLOTS = NO VICTORY

By Jordan Conradson Published June 12, 2021 at 7:45am

The awe-inspiring full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election will resume at 8 AM MST with only 8 ballot boxes remaining to count.

Only the boxes on the forklift have yet to be counted. Boxes on the sides may have discrepancies but we have not confirmed this.

They are reportedly finding severe discrepancies in the ballot totals, up to 20% of ballots missing in some cases.

If we do not find the exact number of ballots that Maricopa County elections officials certified, there are serious issues. 

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On Bannon’s War Room yesterday, Eric Greitens said “If they don’t have the ballots in Arizona, they don’t have the victory.”

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Christina Bobb Reported on OANN that if we do not have all of the certified ballots, this proves either fraud or gross negligence compromised this election. (Click Here)

Yesterday, FIVE states performed a full walkthrough of the process including MI, UT, OK, WA and GA.  (Four were reported below.) (Click Here)

Today, we are expecting a large crowd from Wisconsin, a state that Biden won by just over half a point, to tour the facility.

Wisconsin is one swing state that saw a mysterious and unexplained drop of ballots late at night on election night that gave  the election to Joe Biden.

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These lawmakers will tour the concluding hand-count process.

We can expect even more forensic ballot imaging stations to be propped up throughout the day, and next week.

At these stations, ballots are checked for accurate folds,  fakes, possible machine-printed ballots, or anything out of the ordinary.

Neither of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) audits covered these aspects because neither of the MCBOS audits looked at a single ballot. 

This epic process will come to a final conclusion in the coming weeks. Until then, ALL states need to hustle to visit Arizona’s audit before it is over.

Or before it gets messy. (Click to Source)

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