VIDEO: Sudden Terrifying Communist Police Raids Against 100+ Universities in China – Students being rounded-up by force


Friday, 11 June 2021 was a quiet day in China.   No big problems taking place.  No protests.  Then, without warning or cause, dozens of unmarked buses descended upon over one hundred Universities in China escorted by literally HUNDREDS of Communist Party Police, who began beating and rounding-up students.

It is not known why!

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Police stormed into college cafeterias, college libraries, even into gym locker rooms, night sticks flying, beating and arresting so many students, the count could not be accurately kept.

Rumors began circulating immediately on these college campuses saying the China Communist Party (CCP) needs new soldiers for the war they plan against the USA.  Other rumors claim the China Communist Party (CCP) needs more bodies for organ thefts.  Then, when it became apparent there were far more girls than boys being arrested and taken away in unmarked buses, rumors began that these girls will be forced wives or consorts for CCP members.

As of 8:36 AM eastern US time, it is still not clear why the CCP is doing this or what fate awaits students who have been forcibly taken.   

All of the students were herded into unmarked buses and taken away.  Video below shows the chaos and mayhem as it took place:

This is Communism.   This is the hideous reality of what Communism actually is, and what it actually does. (Click to Source)

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