Bible Prophecy – The End Times – World Shift 2021

Gary  Thursday, June 03, 2021 

Many things are heavy on my heart this week.  Many thoughts stirring in my head.  The sense of urgency I have has never, ever been stronger.

A prophetic cascade has begun.  How can you even begin to sift through all of this?

1. U.S. intelligence agencies are set to disclose the existence of UFOs in the next few weeks.  This is the prime candidate for the strong delusion spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2, as well as the catalyst to deceive the masses once the Church disappears.

2. A new prime minister is set to take the reins of power in Israel for the first time in 12 years.  I wrote about the significance of the transition from Benjamin Netanyahu to Naftali Bennett several weeks ago.  Also, a new president-elect has been designated, as well—one Isaac Herzog.  As we stand at the 11th hour of history, Herzog will be Israel’s 11th president.

3. Iran now has six times the level of highly enriched uranium as years ago and is literally on the cusp of a functional nuclear weapon, but the U.S. and E.U. are set to reenter/restore the JCPOA.  Israeli officials are now saying they will go it alone against Iran, even at the expense of U.S.-Israel relations.  The cold war/proxy war between Israel and Iran is quickly spilling over into a full-fledged conflict.  Israel has targeted refineries in the last several days and is likely responsible for sinking Iran’s largest warship.

4. Israel led the world in vaccinations and now the E.U. is leading the world into the next phase: unveiling a continent-wide vaccine passport, as well as a bloc-wide digital wallet and digital ID.

5. It’s recently come to my attention that just a few weeks before the Great Conjunction and the possible astronomical fulfillment of Revelation 12:3–4 (December 14–21, 2020), a new cryptocurrency was unveiled quite literally called the “MARK.”  It’s run by the Benchmark Protocol and will run on top of Ethereum, which is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, which many speculate will soon overtake Bitcoin.

6. In a hat tip to the coming third seal judgment, global food prices have surged to their highest levels in nearly 10 years and are set to rise much higher.  The global financial system is now showing extreme levels of stress never before seen.

7. New high watch days lie ahead, including the possible date of Pentecost on June 20th.  There is an ongoing debate regarding when the first day of the first biblical month begins.  If it begins on the new moon closest to the Spring Equinox, then Pentecost has already come and gone.  But if the first day of the first month must occur in the Spring—thus the first new moon after the Spring Equinox—then Pentecost may fall on June 20th.

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888 months before 6/20/2021 was 329 days prior to Israel’s rebirth.  923 days after the Revelation 12 Sign on 9/23/2017 was the Venus-Pleiades morning star conjunction on 4/3–4/2020, which was 444 days before 6/20/2021.  The Pleiades are an average distance of 444 light years from earth.

6/20/2021 comes 2,520 days before Israel’s 80th birthday in 2028, 44 months and weeks after the Revelation 12 Sign, 44 months, 44 weeks, and 40 days after Trump-Pence were elected, 44 months, 44 weeks, and 444 days following the super blood moon that fell on Sukkot in 2015.

It’s also the last day of Spring and the first day of Summer, as well as Father’s Day, and, counting from sunset to sunset, overlaps with the American Jubilee day (Juneteenth).

It’s the last day of the 24th week of the year—a possible nod to the completion of the 24 elders, and, intriguingly, if Jesus died in 31 AD as I suspect, He would have rose from the grave on April 29th, exactly 726,888 days before 6/20/2021.  In alphabetical order, harpazo (“rapture”) is the 726th word in the New Testament.  888 is well known as the simple Greek gematria of Jesus Christ.

726 = rapture

888 = Ιησους (Jesus) Χριστος (Christ)

I don’t put my faith in a date, or even a series of dates, but I will fervently watch—now more than ever—because the signs have reached a boiling point.  Every day has witnessed a flood of prophetic signs unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  Last week a super blood moon (a total lunar eclipse during a super moon) literally cast its shadow over the Ring of Fire and occulted a star designated HR6066.  Yesterday, former president Barack Obama revved up disclosure talk by suggesting alien disclosure would lead to the establishment of “new religions.”  It’s one thing after another, and the heavenly signs that painted a complete picture from November 2016 through February of this year of Revelation 12:1–5, were among the most notable portents from Holy Writ that the end of the age has arrived.

Faith in Jesus and what He accomplished on your behalf is the only thing that will save you from what is coming.  Are you still bearing your sins, or have you accepted that He died for your sins and rose again?  Today is the day of salvation.  You’re not promised tomorrow.  Get on the Ark, because the flood is coming. (Click to Source)

A dmit that you’re a sinner.
 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.
 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

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