Fauci BOOO’d In Harlem, NY Sunday


Video below shows Dr. Anthony Fauci got a heated and unfriendly reception when he arrived in Harlem, NY today; he found himself being loudly BOOO’d and citizens yelling that he gets his talking points “from the CCP” (China Communist Party)!

As shown in the brief video below, people on the streets of America do not hold this man in high regard . . . AT ALL.



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Gee, Anthony . . . looks like your reputation “ain’t so good no more.”  What were those protesters saying?  
“Fuck You Fauci?” and “You get your talking points from the CCP?” and “You should be arrested for crimes against humanity?”

Whoa.  Looks like your little COVID scam is backfiring on you in a big way.  

Looks like average New Yorkers are starting to blame YOU for the financial wreckage wrought by your ilk with your scam-demic.

This is no good, Anthony.  Can’t have everyday, average, people who know what they know, saying things like this.

You’re becoming a liability, Anthony.  It’s not good to become a liability.

Capisce paisan?

Maybe it’s time for you to . . .  You know, go do something else for a living.(Click to Source)

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