Journal NATURE Neuroscience Reveals “COVID” Spike Protein Breaches Blood-Brain-Barrier. PCR TESTS????


Very many people have suspected the PCR tests being used with the alleged COVID outbreak are not what they say it’s for, but here’s some info to back that up.

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Intra-nasal administration of spike protein to mice is effective in infecting the brain with the spike. The Spike protein can be made to enter the brain by applying spike protein to the cribriform plate where the olfactory nerve protrudes; you know, in your nose!

In mice studies, when a tiny amount of solution (1 thousandth of a milli-liter= 1 cubic milli-meter) containing the spike protein was applied to each nostril at the level of the cribriform plate (without actually penetrating the plate) then within 30 minutes the spike was detectable in all parts of the brain including , frontal cortex, cerebellum, midbrain and pons-medulla. It especially infected the olfactory bulb and hypothalamus.

Nasal application also caused the spike to enter the blood stream with a bioavailability of 0.66%.

It has been noted that PCR tests involve the use of a long bud that reaches the cribriform plate and is then agitated vigorously. Such a procedure is unnecessary for obtaining a viral sample, and suggests another reason for wanting to reach the cribriform plate, and disrupt it with agitation.

Below is a ***part*** of a PDF from the Journal NATURE NEUROSCIENCE.   It is highly technical, but the bottom line: The COVID Spike Protein CAN be introduced into human brains through swabbing in the nose.

See in particular p 374 (Bottom of each page is numbered) in the document below. (Click to Source)

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