CANADA STOPS ELECTIONS UNTIL COVID GONE! U.S. Should Declare War Upon Canada; Attack and Destroy By Force, it’s Tyrannical Government


Last week, the Parliament of Canada took away the God-given right to vote, from its citizens, pending resolution of any “pandemic.”   So if Canadians don’t like the fraudulent COVID-19 propaganda being used to deprive them of freedom, now those citizens CANNOT “vote them out.”

This action by the Parliament of Canada, took place in Parliament last week, and is the most disgusting betrayal; of a free people I have seen in my 59 years on this planet.

I call for the Congress of the United States to DECLARE WAR upon Canada. 

After such proper Declaration, I call upon the armed forces of the United States, to attack and destroy by force the government of Canada, timing the use of cruise missiles to hit Parliament when those missiles can kill as many of those treacherous fiends as possible.  Splatter their filthy guts all over Ottawa!

I further call on the armed forces of the United States, upon proper orders by competent authority, to arrest and take by force, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and transport him in handcuffs, belly chain, lockbox, and shackles, to The Hague in the Netherlands for trial on charges of Crimes Against Humanity for what he is doing to the citizens of Canada.

This entire COVID situation has been an intentional lie from the beginning.   The disease has a survival rate of 99.8% and ought never have been declared a “pandemic.”   Moreover, the PCR test used to detect this sickness, is also a fraud.   The PCR test is not a diagnostic tool to detect viruses; it is a scientific tool to synthetically replicate DNA.

When the PCR test is run through its “cycles, if those cycles exceed 28, there is a 96% FALSE POSITIVE result.

The government of Canada is using those excessive-cycle test results, to falsely claim there are more and more “cases” of COVID, even though almost NONE of the people who allegedly test “positive” are sick!   Few if any are sick!  Yet millions are locked-down as if their freedom is something government can give or take at-will.   It is not.

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Moreover, not one government agency in Canada has even isolated this so-called “virus” using Koch’s Postulates or any other scientific method.   For over a year, they have been depriving people of their freedom, and have even closed their border with the USA over a disease they have not (and cannot) isolate in a laboratory.   The whole thing is a fraud, and is a scheme or artifice to defraud people of their freedom. The government ministers and officials perpetrating this fraud are criminals.

Fraud, in the law, is designed as a scheme or artifice to cheat people out of something of value.   What value is freedom?  I say: Priceless. 

The federal government of Canada has been scheming and defrauding their people of freedom for over a year, and now, they are depriving them of their vote as well.

These politicians are apparently the actual scum of the earth; evil-doing usurpers on such a maniacal power trip, they should be stopped by the armed forces of the United States after Congress makes a proper declaration of war.

If it is presently lawful, I call upon the armed forces of the United States to undertake an immediate target update of facilities that should be targeted in the event Congress declares war, to achieve maximum destruction of Canadian government offices and facilities.

I call on American citizens to engage in a BOYCOTT of all Canadian goods and services.  Cut off their access to our vast markets until they restore voting to their citizens.  Break the back of the country, financially, through peaceful, lawful buying decisions!

What we are witnessing is the most brazen theft of freedom in my 59 years on this earth and it ought to be confronted.

If Congress is forced to declare war, once we conquer Canada, there is a brigade of soldiers from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) stationed there. For some reason, known only to God, Canada entered a Treaty with China last year allowing PLA troops  to be stationed in Canada “to protect Chinese investments.”   So the government of Canada has already been heading toward a Commie takeover for a year, and now they’re going full tyranny by halting elections.      U.S. Armed Forces should either target those troops for destruction, or surround them, take them by force, and eject them from the North American continent.

Once we secure our victory, the United States should TAKE all of Canada, Annex it, and forever incorporate its territory into the United States . . . . up to and including the Arctic region all the way to the North Pole.

We can never again allow a Communist-sympathizing, tyrannical, and treacherous government as a northern neighbor.

In my personal view, the elected officials, Ministers and others in the Canadian government have shown themselves to be the literal filth of the earth by stealing the vote from their citizens.   I urge the US Congress to declare war and use the righteous might of the United States to throw this human filth on the ash heap of history. (Click to Source)

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