The Lancet Medical Journal: COVID VAX Efficacy: 0.84% (Less than one percent!)


The most prestigious medical journal in the world, “The Lancet” has published a study indicating the COVID-19 “Vaccine” is only 0.84% effective . . . . as in less than one percent!

Emergency Sleeping Bag

In the real world, this is likely to be interpreted by the general public as the vaccine being one GIANT waste of time.   Moreover, when the general public weighs the proven and very real RISKS of stroke, blood clots, heart attacks, and death, from this vaccine, only the most foolish people would take it.

Here is a direct link to The Lancet web site and the study.   If the study somehow becomes “unpublished” we have a downloaded copy which we will upload to our server so the public will still be able to read it. (Click to Source)


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