FDA says natural immunity against covid doesn’t exist, discounts the entire existence of antibodies

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Thursday, May 27, 2021 – 12:36.

By Ethan Huff


As increasingly more Americans ask why an antibody test cannot be used in lieu of vaccination to prove immunity against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now claiming that naturally immunity does not exist and has to come from a pharmaceutical injection.

Aligning its position with that of the World Health Organization (WHO), which back in December changed the definition of “herd immunity” to only include people who have been vaccinated, the FDA has declared that only Chinese Virus injections can bring about “immunity,” hence the need for a “vaccine passport” to prove that one is “safe” to rejoin society.

While the FDA says it is still “studying” whether or not natural antibodies exist, the agency insists that only a chemical injection of either mRNA (messenger RNA) or viral vector chemicals is “safe and effective” at preventing infection and spread of the Wuhan Flu.

Antibody tests, the FDA admits, “can play an important role in identifying individuals who may have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and may have developed an adaptive immune response.”

“However, antibody tests should not be used at this time to determine immunity or protection against COVID-19 at any time, and especially after a person has received a COVID-19 vaccination.”

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FDA says Big Pharma is superior to God when it comes to protecting the human body against disease

Even though the human body has been fully equipped by God with an immune system capable of warding off disease – yes, even disease that was manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with cash provided by Anthony Fauci – the FDA says that Big Pharma chemicals are superior when it comes to building immunity.

This contradicts statements made by Yale University epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, who says that an Israeli study found that people who contract the Chinese Virus naturally develop long-lasting immunity that does not require any type of vaccination.

“People become immune by surviving infection,” Risch says.

Serum antibodies and T-cell antibodies, the latter being white blood cells that attack infections, both have an extensive history of creating permanent immunity to the diseases they encounter.

“These natural antibodies are proof of past infection,” Risch contends. “Past infection is extremely strong evidence of immunity.”

Further, Risch says that injecting children with chemicals for Chinese Germs is a dangerous fool’s game that is extremely “irrational.” Children have a near-zero chance of contracting and spreading the Chinese Virus, so why should they be experimented on with life-altering chemicals that can never be removed from their bodies?

Meanwhile, young children who are getting injected are ending up in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) with horrific side effects, including death.

“Children have no reason to die from vaccination that isn’t going to help them or the society, either,” Risch maintains.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a professor of medicine at Baylor University, agrees. He warns that none of the so-called vaccines currently being administered were ever tested on people who had already tested positive for the Chinese Virus, so there is no safety data to back their use is this population. (Click to Source)

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