Atlanta’s Fulton County Board of Elections Hires TWO Top ***CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS*** Over Election Audit


The Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections has hired two of the top CRIMINAL DEFENSE Lawyers in the entire state, over the ongoing Audit of the November, 2020 Election.  A LOT of people are asking “If they have nothing to hide, why hire Criminal Defense Lawyers?”

The Audit of the Election is being conducted pursuant to Court Order as part of a Civil Lawsuit claiming various types of election fraud, not the least of which cheated President Trump out of re-election, and may have also involved cheating to gain two US Senate Seats.

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The first thing the Criminal Defense Attorneys are trying to do?  Stop the Audit!   Here is their Motion to the court: (Click Here)

(Click Here)

(Click Here)

(Click Here)

What the general public finds interesting is that the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections already has elections law attorneys; so why the need for Criminal Defense attorneys?

The answer to many seems obvious . . . Many people think election fraud is about to be uncovered and the people involved are terrified they’re getting caught.

Another question popping into the minds of the general public: “If the election was completely legitimate as Democrats claim, why are they trying so hard to block audits?”

It seems there may be legal trouble on the horizon for some powerful people.  Can you say “TREASON?”

Stay tuned. (Click to Source)

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