Experienced Election Officials Say 30,000 Fake Ballots Found In Georgia Audit


After a judge ordered 145,000 Fulton County absentee ballots to be unsealed, “Outside the Beltway” host John Fredericks explained on Steve Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic” series that Georgia election officials are alleging that up to 30,000 of the ballots are fraudulent.

“Six affidavits now, we had four, now it’s six. Six affidavits of veteran election officials are alleging that up to 30,000 of these 147 [thousand] ballots are fake,” said Fredericks. “Somebody printed them up on a machine and ran them through the vote counting machines. They’re not real. They’re not attached to anybody.” Another revelation was that the ballots were unfolded and printed on a different paper than the regular absentee ballots, according to Fredericks.

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“Number one, they’re on different paper. What kind of paper are they on? Why isn’t it the same paper that everything else is on?

Number two, they’re not folded. Well, what do you mean they’re not folded? In order to get an absentee ballot, you have to get it in the mail,” said Fredericks. “Which means that the Department of Elections in Georgia machine folded the ballot, you can’t have a ballot in an envelope that you mail back, or drop-box back, that’s not folded. You either got it folded, or you send it back folded, or both with an envelope. So why aren’t they folded?

Additionally, 97% of the ballots were supposedly for Joe Biden and Jon Ossoff, and the affidavits suggest that the bubble marks were made by a machine instead of a pencil, explained Fredericks. “. . . the affidavits say that these bubble marks are not made by an ink pen or a pencil, that they’re made by a machine.”

“Now, they did an analysis batch of 950 military ballots, 950. I want you to grasp what the findings are. This is a matter of public record, nobody made this up. Out of a batch of 950 military mail-in ballots, Joe Biden got 950 votes, Trump zero. That’s 100%. That’s virtually impossible to have happen. Not only that, they were in sequential [numerical] order, that’s also public,” said Fredericks.

“If the judge, Judge Amero, makes a declaratory judgement that counterfeit ballots were there, and that some of them were counted twice, that’s the other possibility here, that he’s going to demand that Governor Kemp call a special session and they’re going to start decertifying elections. Trump, Biden,” said Fredericks.

(Hal Turner Note:  Joe Biden allegedly won Georgia by about ten thousand votes statewide.  If thirty thousand are fake, then Biden didn’t win.   Gee, who’d a thunk it?

I have told readers of this web site, and listeners to my talk radio show that the November 2020 presidential election was literally STOLEN by massive and brazen fraud.   Now, we’re starting to see the proof.  Joe Biden is an ILLEGITMATE President.) (Click to Source)

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