by Paul Murano  •  •  May 20, 2021 


News anchor: “A back-and-forth battle raging on surrounding the state senate’s election audit.”

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann opened Tuesday’s meeting explaining her interaction with Maricopa County supervisors on the decision to perform the audit.

Fann: “They said, ‘We’re behind you, president. We want you to do it, but now we’re seeing lawsuits, so we can’t do anything while the lawsuits are going on. This went on for about four weeks. When the lawsuits were complete, I finally called them again and I said, ‘OK, lawsuits are done, no question about tampering of evidence — let’s do this audit together.'”

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The county supervisors weren’t as eager, however. In fact, excuses kept coming on why they couldn’t comply.

Fann: “They said, “Well, we can’t do it because we don’t have legislative authority to do it.’ So we ended up holding a hearing. … Instead of saying ‘OK, we have the authority,’ now what they did is they took us to court.”

Gradually, the excuses devolved into defiance. It was becoming evident the county was out to obstruct the audit in any way possible.

Dr. Kelli Ward: “Their real motivation could not be more clear.”

The county claimed the legislature had no authority to issue subpoenas for the audit and went to court. The judge sided with the legislature.

Fann: “From that time on, it has been nothing but delays, delays, delays. Every time we ask them to please work with us on this, we have received nothing but pushback.”

Doug Logan, founder of Cyber Ninjas, the chief cybersecurity company conducting the audit, described sloppiness in the tabulation.


Our understanding, if this is filled out properly, the duplicate should be referenced in here. And we’re not finding that to be the case. I mean our numbers across the board show that. We took into account duplicates in the information we gave, and it wasn’t explained. I’m still uncertain as to why these boxes are off and these sheets do not match the reality of what we’re running into.

Former state senator Ken Bennett claimed the county has been withholding the necessary routers and detailed logs needed to complete the audit.

Bennett: “They eventually came back and said that the routers in MCTEC are somehow connected to the sheriff’s department and other county departments, [and] that if they gave them to us or even gave us virtual access, that social security numbers would be at risk — and county health records.”  

Despite the obstruction, the auditing professionals are finding ways to ensure accuracy and promise completion of the counting by the end of June. Maybe then we will see why Maricopa County authorities now appear so frightened. (Click to Source)

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