Wednesday 12 May: Fierce Fighting Continues Between Israel and Gaza Strip Factions. Death toll in Gaza hits 53, including 14 children and 3 women, in addition to 320 injuries


Since yesterday when heavy fighting erupted between Israel and factions controlling the Gaza Strip, hundreds of rockets and some missiles have been fired INTO Israel from Gaza and dozens of Israeli air strikes have hit Gaza in response. 

As of 9:32 AM eastern US Time (New York City time) Explosions are being reported across multiple cities, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ofakim, Beer Sheva and more, inside Israel.  The image above shows an ammo depot burning in Tel Aviv.

Hamas which governs the Gaza Strip tells the Egyptian mediators that if their conditions are not fulfilled, they will use a ‘previously un-seen weapon’ to target Israel.

For the first time the Egyptian intelligence delegation was _supposed to_ enter via Rafah crossing to push for a ceasefire and these events are typically coordinated with both Hamas and the Israeli forces.

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The delegation was turned around and sent home after lack of coordination from the Israeli authorities and general understanding that both sides do not seek a ceasefire at this time.

In the 2014 war Hamas and other groups fired some 4,000 rockets toward Israel in 50 days. Less than 3 days into this round, over 1,100 fired so far. 

The video below is a COMPILATION of the rocket fir from Gaza into Israel overnight.   It demonstrates the very serious attacks being launched from inside Gaza against Israel:

Meanwhile, Israel reports they have killed the Gaza Brigadier General, the head of the missile improvement project, the head of the production system, and six other senior Hamas figures.

The two videos below show what it is like inside Gaza as the Israelis return fire with air strikes – terrifying!

And this one:

These videos all demonstrate the very real danger to both sides from the fighting taking place. This isn’t some scuffle; it’s war.

Turkey President Recypt Erdogan calls for a peacekeeping force to be sent to the Israeli-Gaza border to protect Palestinian civilians.  

And with the label “Too little, too late” The Biden administration is considering plans to dispatch a State Department official to Israel, amid the ongoing escalation with Gaza.

This morning, Hamas publicly stated “At 18:00, we will fire rockets towards new targets in Israel.”   It should be noted that Israel is seven hours ahead of US east coast time. If they make good on this statement, those “new targets” will be attacked about a half-hour from now at about 10:00 AM eastern US time. 

Hamas then went farther, saying “100 times more rockets at new locations at 18:00”

If they can hit Haifa, and if they actually do it, it will mean that both Hamas and Hezbollah have long-range rocket ability.

Israel will be in peril, if both fronts lit up with long range rocket hits, and home front goes nuts with 3rd intifada / civil war.

 As of 9:44 AM EDT, Over 100 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza between 3 pm to 4pm their time.   The fighting rages on.


Reports say Palestinians from Gaza have entered the Nahal Oz military base and are engaged in armed combat with Israeli soldiers.   The map below shows the location of the base relative to the Gaza Strip. (Click Here)


The cities of Eilat and Haifa in Israel have been ordered to open their bomb shelters.

Senior Hamas official : “In the next few hours the situation will deteriorate more and more.”

BREAKING: Russia’s foreign ministry calls on Israel to “Immediately” stop settlement activities on Palestine territories – RIA (Click to Source)

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