VIDEO: Johnson & Johnson COVID “Vaccine” Insert — BLANK; No Ingredients listing


A Pharmacist, who viewed video about the COVID Vaccine distributed by MODERNA, containing a BLANK Information insert, decided to look at the insert in the Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine.   It too, is BLANK!  No ingredients list – at all.  Video below:

This radio show has previously reported that the FDA-required medical information insert included with the MODERNA COVID-19 “vaccine” was completely blank, omitting all ingredient and side-effect info (Story HERE).

That story prompted others in the Healthcare field to begin looking at the inserts contained in other company’s COVID-19 “vaccines” and, as you will see in the one minute video below, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine medical information insert is also BLANK!

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As you may be aware, these medical information inserts are REQUIRED by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, to contain ingredient information, side-effect information, and vast amounts of medicine information for healthcare professionals and for the general public.   Yet the insert for the J&J Vaccine (and the MODERNA vaccine) is BLANK.

The manufacturers and the very agency charged with oversight and protecting the general public (FDA), are putting out these so-called “vaccines” with ZERO medical insert information.


Maybe they don’t want anyone to actually know what’s in it?

Maybe it’s not a “vaccine” at all, but instead, experimental genetic modification?

Most folks don’t like even eating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) food.  It makes us wonder how many of those same people are, this very minute, going out to get their “jab” and become Genetically Modified People?

Before you line-up like a lamb to the slaughter, to get your “jab” it might be a good idea to find out what’s actually in these so-called COVID Vaccines.

You may not like what you find. (Click to Source)

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