Montana Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Enforcement of Federal Gun Bans to Protect Constituents From Biden’s Attack on Second Amendment

By Cassandra Fairbanks Published April 24, 2021 at 5:00pm

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed a new state law prohibiting law enforcement in the state from enforcing federal gun laws.

The new law comes amid vows from the Biden administration to crack down on the Second Amendment.

“Today, I proudly signed Rep. [Jedediah] Hinkle’s law prohibiting federal overreach into our Second Amendment-protected rights, including any federal ban on firearms. I will always protect our #2A right to keep and bear arms,” Gov. Gianforte tweeted.

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Montana, a heavily red state, is one of several that are now seeking to protect residents from Biden’s potential overreach.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a similar law to the one just enacted in Montana earlier this month. A bill designating Oklahoma a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State” is also making it’s way to the governor.

On April 7, the Biden admin announced a series of executive actions targeting the Second Amendment. He vowed that within 30 days, the Justice Department will issue a proposed rule to stop the proliferation of homemade “ghost guns. Within 60 days, he said, they will issue a proposed law to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act. They will also be publishing model “red flag” laws for states and an annual report on firearms trafficking. (Click to Source)

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