Bible Prophecy – Wars and Rumors of Wars – Update on “Bug-Out” Radio Studio


As mentioned on several radio shows this past week, given the ongoing troubles between Ukraine and Russia, and with NATO sticking its nose into that affair, there is a very real possibility of war breaking out in Eastern Europe.  If NATO gets involved, there is the further VERY REAL possibility that it would “go nuclear” because Russia would not be able to defeat the combined armies of NATO and may realize that using nukes early, would stop the NATO war effort instantly.  

If nukes fly, me being located just three miles due west of the Empire State Building in Manhattan, puts me in a Primary Target kill zone.

Russian nukes – at least the ones on their ICBM’s – are 800 kilotons.  Here is a map from NukeMap showing an 800kt blast over the Empire State Building in Manhattan, and where my house actually is in relation to the blast effects: (Click map to enlarge)

There are three circles that are relevant:

The center bright yellow – everything in it gets vaporized. Nothing survives.

The larger Grayish-colored circle which extends over my house – at least 5 psi. overpressure – most buildings collapse (including mine)

But the next circle is the key: the large yellowish circle – Everyone in there gets third degree burns.  Structures that have fallen down – or not – burst into flames.  THAT’S MY PLACE.   Not only do I get the 5 psi over-pressure which knocks my condo building down, the whole area goes up in flames and anyone outside as the blast is happening gets third degree burns all over their body.

We are right smack in the “Thermal Radiation” zone.  Put simply, neither me nor my family stand any chance at all of surviving.

Now, given these realities, I have a “bug-out” location.   

When my younger brother, John, died from Esophageal cancer back in 2017 (He was 52) I inherited some things from him.  So I have a Bug-out location.

It’s not much at all.  It is in an extremely rural area; no fiber optics, and the DSL service isn’t even 1 Mbps when it works.  The local phone company, Frontier,  has a hard time even keeping the service functioning when there’s a bad thunderstorm, never mind a major disaster.

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a satellite uplink.   It was installed last week. BIG BUCKS!

Preparedness Crate for Emergencies (65 items)

Now, bugging-out can be a conscious decision to relocate BEFORE anything happens, which would be best, or to evacuate just before or just after it happens.   Well, the “just after” won’t work for me; I can’t survive.

So relocating in advance, while the best, is an utterly MASSIVE disruption to our lives; one which my wife is reluctant to engage in unless absolutely necessary.

For me, that means working around her intransigence. I’ll have to wait until the last possible moment and go like hell.

There won’t be time to take apart the radio broadcast racks, computers, routers, audio compressor/limiter, network switching, audio cables, mic, headphone and all the CABLES to make it all work, the broadcast telephone main frame and all the associated cables, gizmos and gadgets related to that..

So I decided, and yes, this is my problem, not yours, to buy a duplicate setup for the bugout location.   Not top of the line, or state of the art.   More like bare minimum.

Today, I took delivery of a used GENTNER TS-612 broadcast telephone system.  It’s like 20 years old, but it works. I got it cheap: Less than $1,000 bucks, which is far less expensive than the COMREX STAC-6 I use for the shows every night.  A new one of those would have been about $3600.

During this coming week, the two new computers are coming.  Not state of the art, but new nonetheless. 

They will have AMD Ryzen 5-3400G processors, a minimal amount of RAM and small SSD’s.   Not the best BY FAR.

The motherboards, processors, RAM, SSD’s, power supplies, 2U rack mount cases, will all deliver this coming week.  Cost: About $1800.

I have to go to a Guitar Store to grab a small computer rack, will probably do that tomorrow – Sunday.  I can get a small Audio Mixer Board, and all the audio cables there too.

The audio Compressor and Limiter is also arriving this coming week. Cost $320

The SIMIAN Broadcast Automation software KILLED ME: $2,000.   . . but I have it and I have the License “Dongle” to make it work.

All totaled, I CHOSE to dish out over $5100 to get this stuff done. And that is ON TOP OF the regular $5000 a month it actually costs to do this show.  Radio air time is like $50-$60 an hour . . . . times two global high frequency stations and one regular AM station!  That means I will have laid out over ten thousand dollars this month.    I know, it’s MY problem, not yours.

God will-it, by this week, I will be in physical possession of everything I need to keep the radio show on the radio and on the net if the worst takes place.


The web site servers were physically changed from Oregon to South America last year.  They are in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  That’s where you’ve been reading this web site from for over a year.

If the US gets hit with nukes, the Internet, a creation of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is designed to be redundant. It’s designed to automatically re-route traffic if sections are destroyed. 

So as long as __any__ Civilian traffic is still allowed to be on the net, I __should__ be able to update this site, the site itself should remain unaffected and the radio show can broadcast.

I do all these things because my show, The Hal Turner Radio Show, is real.  In every regard.  Those who’ve listened for a long time KNOW, I break news . . .  important news . . . sometimes hours, sometimes Days and with the whole COVID thing and now with Ukraine/Russia, literally WEEKS before the mass media.  

Real info.  Important info.  Delivered fast and accurate.

If this was just some click bait web site or some silly “Howard Stern-type” show, none of this would be necessary.   But a LOT of people . . . folks just like YOU . . . depend on this site for real information delivered in a timely manner.

It is my earnest hope to be able to continue to do that, which is why all this effort is being put forth.

You know, I’m not some giant corporation.  I don’t have billions of dollars a year in sales, vast employee support like TV and Radio Networks have.   Yet I . . . . me alone . . . . often deliver more and better information . . . usually (but not always) faster than those media behemoths. 

I am doing my level best to continue to be reliable no matter what comes.  I hope this is something you can be confident in supporting.  If so, please use the credit/debit card donate form below. (Click to Source)


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