Putin Uses Characters From Rudyard Kipling “Jungle Book” During Speech — Sends Signals of His Intention to “Swarm” Russia’s enemies to send them fleeing, and KILL one in particular . . .


In his annual state of the nation address to both houses of parliament, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared those who are harming Russia, to the jackal, Tabaqui, from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.”

“There are all kinds of little Tabaqui’s hanging around Shere Khan, howling to appease their sovereign,” Putin said. 

This was a HIGHLY UNUSUAL thing for a sitting Head-of-State to say in a major public speech. While most people shrugged it off, Intelligence Communities worldwide, did not.

In the book, Tabaqui’s are Jackals and Shere Khan was a man-eating tiger, the book’s main antagonist.  

Referring to “Tabaqui’s howling to appease their sovereign” was a not-so-subtle hint by Putin, at the relationship between the US and its allies, as seen from the point-of-view of the Kremlin. The US would be Shere Khan, the King Tiger who is arrogant, thinks he should rule the whole jungle, and thinks rules don’t apply to him.  The Tabaqui’s are the Jackals; US Allies in NATO, for instance.

Although he did not say as much, it appears in Intel circles that the Russian strongman sees himself as Mowgli, the book’s main hero, the one who vanquished (killed) Shere Khan, the tiger; (i.e. the USA.)

So, did Russian President Vladimir Putin signal that he intends to act-out the final chapter of “The Jungle Book” in real life? 

In that book, Mowgli (Putin) meets the Queen of the Bees and convinces her to have her swarm attack tribesmen trying to invade his jungle habitat.  Mowgli gets stung by a Bee during his conversation with the Queen Bee, but has to swallow the pain to continue talking with the Queen.  

The Queen Bee agrees and sends her swarm to sting the tribesmen and send them all fleeing.

Depending upon which version of the Jungle Book one reads, the US, UK or even the Russian Version, other character names which Putin mentioned elsewhere in  his speech, all work with Mowgli (some secretly) with the goal of getting rid of the Tiger (US).

One such set of characters are Buffalo, which in one version of the book, stampede, causing Shere Khan (Tiger) to flee and fall off a cliff, after which Mowgli goes and breaks his back, killing him.

Interestingly, history shows that there was once a U.S. Submarine named, the “QueenFish” – whose vessel motto was “Queen of the Sea” was the first Submarine equipped with nuclear missiles!  So would Putin be using his own  “queen of the sea” (i.e. submarines) to send their “swarm” of submarine launched nuclear missiles to scatter those trying to harm his habitat?

That may actually be the case.

Elsewhere in his speech, Putin made remarks to the Opposition Party in the Russian Federal Assembly, saying “Come closer to me Banda Lor.”

Banda Lor was apparently a reference to the “little monkeys” in the jungle, and in the book, one of the vicious snakes always told the Banda Lor “Come closer . . . so I can eat you.”

So again, Putin, referencing his (political) enemies in the Russia Federal Assembly, said something from the Jungle Book that makes Intel circles think he was telling them he wants to eat them.  Destroy them.

Has Putin lost his mind or is he simply toying with his enemies?  Is he openly using arcane references from a book written in the 1800’s to convey his true intent?

If so, then the US and EU might be facing a swarm of . . .  something . . . . to send them fleeing, and the US in particular, may get the fate of Shere Khan; stampeded off a cliff, then gets his back broken and dies.

What does the leader of the second most powerful nation on this planet, really mean with the bizarre references he made during his speech yesterday?

This is the kind of real life stuff that true Intelligence Community experts have to spend time figuring out.  Stay tuned. 

A caller to The Hal Turner Radio Show (Simon from Florida) spent a HUGE amount of time trying to explain this on the air last night.  (Click to Source)

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