Do you have a Contingency Plan? What will you do when the SHTF?


Contingency planning should already be completed. People who attempt to make a plan during a crisis rather than before a crisis forget crucial steps and make bad decisions.

Create a plan for each possible scenario below in advance and have them printed out in hard copy so you do not have to reply on technology or electricity to access them.

– Shelter In Place (Bug-in)
– Bug-out by vehicle
– Bug-out by bicycle/moped
– Bug-out on foot

You can create variations on these themes, but for my purposes I assume the grid is down, GPS isn’t working, and I am on my own with all other people considered hostile until proven otherwise.

Best to plan for worst-case scenario and be pleasantly surprised than to be caught unprepared.

One of the single BEST pieces of prep that is always overlooked is a map. Detailed, updated maps that show all possible roadways, including dirt and gravel.

In most scenarios you either can’t, or shouldn’t, travel the main highways and especially not the toll roads.

A stash of paper maps, including back-up copies. To be very prepared, include topographic maps and a good compass (including knowing how to use it.)Guy Living In New York City Tunnel Claimed The End Will Come Between May & Oct 2021 – TWELVE YEARS AGO !!! (Click to Source)

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