Putin Speech to Federal Assembly Focuses on Domestic Issues; only Minor Mention of foreign affairs


Russia President Vladimir Putin gave his routine, scheduled speech to Russia’s Federal Assembly today, and there was little if any indication of troubles on the horizon.

The President thanked common Russian citizens for their response and help during the coronavirus troubles, naming sectors like Janitors/Custodians, Police, Doctors who all put forth great effort.

He talked about domestic affairs inside Russia and how the country is growing and prospering.

He talked about Budget issues and honesty in financial affairs.

On foreign affairs, he said Russia wants to “deal fairly with everyone; even people who don’t like us.” He spoke harshly about an alleged Western-backed coup attempt to kill Lukashenko, accusing the West of “crossing all bounds” but did not say what response Russia would take.

On matters military Putin talked about military, weapons technology, and the hypersonic missiles already in use…for about four minutes or so and gave dates for future implementation.

He did make mention of what most folks think is the Kerch Strait Bridge by saying  if anyone wants to blow up bridges  they should remember Russia’s response will be asymmetrical, it will be quick and it will be tough (paraphrase-not word for word but close).

For those looking for indications IN THIS SPEECH of what may come with the Ukraine situation, we got none.

One the ground, however, the build-up of Russia troops, armored personnel carriers and heavy weaponry, continues unabated.

US and UK surveilance aircraft or Drones are making their usual flights near Crimea and elsewhere, IGNORING the Russia No-fly zone which came into effect today.  It’s almost as if the US/UK are __trying__ to get a drone shot down.

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Putin Speech SPECIFICS: 

Covid, we were confronted by an unusual condition. Frontline consisted of doctors, medical professionals, and scientists. This fight continues. Educators, Arts, Volunteers, Pillars of our Society, the Traditional Religions of Russia, our Unity, Thank you. We will stand firmly.

Protecting the population and our families. Year 2030 mentioned, to increase life expectancy to 78. Stand guard on our Front Lines. Do not let your guard down! Follow the guidelines, act responsibly. By Autumn will have herd immunity. Recommending vaccine.

July will distribute mobile units. To screen for heart disease, Hep C. Increasing Resorts/Holidays for improving health, especially for children. Students project to live on campuses.

Taxes to fund children’s health care, ambulance fleet, technology, State Council to address this. Improving and streamlining comprehensive government services.

Investment, progress in Regions will be supported and rewarded. Unlocking potential. Governors debt burden to be reduced in June. To be discussed in State Council. 25% to be forgiven, restructuring by 2029 (just before 2030). JULY 1 debt due. Fair and Just Principle will create 500 bn rubles structured State loans for those with less debt.

Rebuilding infrastructure, will increase quality tourism. Time for action, no more sloth, time to get moving. Railroad improvement, modernizing systems, gas-line clean-energy installation, there is a good funding in place to give loans to housing construction.

International law is obvious. Unlawful sanctions are dangerous. Armed Coup Belarus and demise of prez. Not condemned by the West, and ignored. Powergrid, cyber, different levels of attack. Fate of Ukraine after coup? Warfare is sport against Russia who is being reserved and modest. Rude. Hyenas obeying leaders. Misjudging Russia’s intentions will result in tough response. enemies will regret. patience and professionalism in decisions. Don’t cross the line defined by Russia.

Strengthening Military, education, civil colleges, modernization of nuclear 84% increase, state of the art hypersound intercontinental battle armed, Poseidon improvement. Strategic weapons, safety, systems. 5 layers of security council meets. Tried to support Syria, Libya, and United Nations. Asia, Latin America, and Africa. SCO, CIS, allies. Working on Eurasian framework.

One Observer, posting on a public forum, summed it up this way:

I want to highlight this, because I think it was the entire key of the speech, you could hear it from his voice. Russia is getting fed up with this Russia-bashing game, where everyone takes turns to prove themselves to the world – by somehow trying to punish Russia for whatever reason, by whatever means.

I can understand this sentiment, and I know that Russians don’t like it, Putin for sure does not like it. They want respect, they want to be treated equally compared to the US. Not more, and not less.

Just think what happens when a domesticated bear is sitting in a room, and a circle of people take turns in poking the bear with sticks. At some point the bear snaps, and all pokers switch from bullying to bleeding. (Click to Source)

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