What I’ve Done In Case of War / Attack


With all the bad things going on in the world, and the very real possibility of actual war breaking out, I’ve been endeavoring to prepare.

In eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia are likely to go at it in a ferocious war, perhaps as soon as five days from now.  This __may__ cause NATO to stick it’s nose in, even though Ukraine is NOT a member, and as soon as they do, it will expand the war globally, getting us attacked here in the USA.

Now, I live in North Bergen, NJ, just about 3 miles due west of the Empire State Building in New York City.  The city is a major target.

Russia’s nuclear arsenal uses 800 kiloton nuclear warheads typically.

At my location, if a nuke were to detonate at or above the Empire State Building, or even at or above the World Trade Center, my house is in the Thermal Radiation zone.  We are the folks who get toasted by the bright, white, flash.   

It’s the zone where the blast wave itself knocks down pretty much every structure, but those that are not fully knocked down, will ignite.   It all burns.

Everyone caught outside in the thermal radiation zone will immediately suffer third degree burns when the flash takes place.   Put simply, I and my family cannot survive here.


I have a “bug-out” location in Pennsylvania, about 150 miles away from this home.  It is in a very rural location.  Not many people, nestled between mountains, with a beautiful stream on the property.  Quiet, remote, safe.

But it’s not set up to do the radio show, web site, and such.  Yes, there’s a tiny Internet connection, but not big enough to handle the utterly MASSIVE amount of data that I use every day to do the news for this site, and to do the radio show at night. 

Worse, since it is in such a rural area, there is no fiber optic service.  No Verizon FiOS, not even major DSL, although there is DSL service. And the local telephone and cable TV companies have a hard time keeping the service on during thunderstorms, never mind a war.  So I view them as unreliable. 

About 10 days ago, we wired the house to accept an Emergency Generator from outside, and we have a small generator with some spare fuel.  But we noticed that we never bothered to get an EMP SHIELD for that home’s electric system.

We ordered another EMP Shield, it delivered here this week, and will be installed in that house within days to protect it and everything electrical, from an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a nuke detonation.

Satellite Uplink 

Early last week, I decided to bite the bullet and order a Satellite uplink for that home.   This is an expensive proposition and I could very well be throwing the money away if all this war stuff amounts to nothing.  Yet somehow, the level of doom surrounding this war stuff is such that I just have this sneaky suspicion that I’d better be prepared – NOW.

The satellite uplink will be installed Monday.

Now, while this will afford me communications, and Internet access, it may be all for naught if the Internet is taken down – either by physical damage, sabotage, or by the government.  It’s a risk I felt I had to take, and I have taken it.

I tell you this because I want you all to know I am taking my own reporting very seriously.  I am making plans; taking action.

Even the vehicle I ordered last October, which was built in Flint, MI, and shipped in December, which I took delivery of on January 6, was built with major trouble in mind: It’s a diesel. Four-wheel drive.  It __should__ run even if there is a nuke detonation and EMP. The four wheel drive __should__ allow me to get up, over, around, or through, obstacles as I evac.  The first added thing that went into it was an EMP SHIELD, like I have in my other vehicles, with hope of keeping it running!

Waterproof Faraday Cage Bag (5 Liter)

This Web Site / Streaming Audio

Last year, I had my tech guys move this web site hosting to Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America.  That’s where you’ve been reading from!  At that time, I also had them set up ONE, back-up streaming-audio server, which has been the BACK-UP (Secondary) Server that some of you have chosen to use to listen to the show every night.

Last week, I asked those tech guys to set up an exact duplicate of the load-balanced, massive streaming audio system that provides the LISTEN ONLINE.  They will be setting that up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well.

When I moved the web site last year, it was for fear the US Internet might get shut off.  When that didn’t happen, I just left the site there.  It worked fine.

Similarly, if the US Internet gets destroyed, or shut down by sabotage or by government, I suspect those situations would NOT affect South America, although I could be wrong about that.

So by next week, I will have satellite at the bug-out location, my regular web server still in Brazil, and a new, duplicate streaming audio system also in Brazil.  The show, and this web site, — HOPEFULLY — will go on.

Now, all this depends on me actually surviving. 

The wife is adamant about NOT “bugging-out” and she has been a real obstacle to this entire effort.  So leaving prior to an actual attack is already a problem.  Leaving during an attack is a major no-no.  Leaving after an attack may not be possible, especially if I’m dead.

So presuming I survive, I want you to know that every effort that can be taken to keep this site and radio show going, has been taken.


The radio stations are another situation all to themselves.   It takes ENORMOUS electrical power to run each of the two, 50,000 watt transmitters at WBCQ, (7.490 and 6.160 AM Shortwave)  and similarly, to run the 100,000 watt transmitter at WRMI (5.950 AM shortwave.)  

I know that WBCQ has a third transmitter, brand new, on 9.330, which has ITS OWN Emergency Generator for FULL power, and 2 week back-up fuel supply, but that is a five-hundred-thousand watt monster transmitter, and it is used solely and exclusively by a single religious broadcaster.   I was put on it one time during the testing phase and everyone heard me, worldwide!  But that test did not sit well with the religious broadcaster and they made clear they don’t want other programming on that transmitter.

This morning, I asked Alan Weiner at WBCQ about this and he told me they have generators to keep “something” on, but not at full power.

Similarly, WRMI has fourteen (14) different transmitters and I did not know if any of them have generators.  I reached out and they told me they DO have a 25kw for the control room/computers but the transmitters are a whole different story.   They have SOME transmitters that can operate at variable power, but not all.  They will ask their Engineers about this on Monday and get back to me about the transmitter that carries my show.

To give you just a small glimpse at what those transmitters require, take a “typical” 100,000 watt (output) transmitter.   It needs DOUBLE the wattage, IN, to get the 100,000 watts out.   So it needs at least two hundred thousands watts IN.   

In order for a generator to supply that on a reliable basis, the generator must be rated for . . . . ready . . .  DOUBLE the output requirement.   So a generator would have to be four-hundred-thousand watts!!!!!  400 kilowatt!!!!!   Oh, and the voltage, usually has to be four-thousand, one-hundred, sixty (4160) volts.   None of this 120/240 nonsense we all use in our homes.

So even if I survive, have connectivity, and can get a show out, I don’t know if the radio stations would even be on the air to carry the show or would be powerful enough to provide the type of global coverage I have now.


This morning, I took all the updates available for my computers:  Windows updates, Norton anti-virus, MalwareBytes, and ran full system scans on everything.  All clean.  All updated.

I used the “Disk Cleanup” utility in Windows, and the “Optimize” utility in Windows to defrag the disks and wipe the slack space.

I am now in the process of backing up all the stuff I have, to move that data and all the software to the bugout location.

Rather than try to disconnect everything and MOVE IT during an evac, (too much time) I am buying three new computers for the radio show and web site stuff, and will put them in the bugout location.  So I will have an exact duplicate of everything I use for this site and for the radio show, already there at the bugout location.

I will move the old audio compressor/limiters (hissing noise), an old Mackie Mixer Board (Static noise) and one of my Electrovoice microphones (the RE-27ND) as well.

The ONLY things I absolutely MUST take with me are the Vonage telephone line modems for the six phone lines, and the COMREX “STAC-6” broadcast telephone system; it’s the thing that puts YOU on the air when you call in.  I don’t know if those VoIP phone modems will actually WORK via a satellite uplink ! ! ! 


Which brings us to the Internet.   I will have connectivity via satellite.  But if the Internet is destroyed, or shut down by government, then all this planning will be useless.

I just wanted all of you to know that a very real effort has been, and is being, put forth  . . .  with the goal of keeping the flow of information alive.  

Sure, the mass-media has a lot of emergency capability and will likely be broadcasting somehow.  But they are more propaganda than news these days, and as such, I view them as worthless. 

If they had any worth at all, they would have been reporting what’s been going on with this war coming so people could try to prepare; but they don’t seem to have done much at all.  Given that reality, how can anyone depend on them if the SHTF?

I’m doing what can be done.  I’m planning and taking action, in case.

I hope you are getting just a small glimpse at the very real effort being made. 

Being your trusted servant is something I work hard to do.   That work goes on. (Click to Source)

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