Electro-Magnetic Pulse from Nuclear Explosion Will Destroy Electronics for a thousand miles – Unless you protect with EMP SHIELD


Imagine, for a second, your electricity goes off.  It happens from time to time.  There’s a quick pause as the lights go out, you might say to yourself or to a loved one “oh no, not a power failure.”  But this time, instead of the lights just going out, things start arcing and sparking.  Light bulbs explode.  Smoke starts coming out from EVERY ELECTRONIC DEVICE.  Some of the devices might actually go on fire.

That is what an EMP would look like in your home.


Because what an EMP does is this:

As an EMP bomb or nuclear bomb is detonated 100 -300 miles above the United States, the intense blast reacts with the Ionosphere; the electrically-charged particles high above the planet.  This has the effect of generating INTENSE magnetic fields,  far more powerful locally than what the earth itself normally produces, which plunge toward the ground.

Magnetic fields are what power plants use to generate electricity.  But in this case, the magnetic fields are NOT inside a power plant generator, but rather they’re all over the place.  Each time these fields come in contact with metal, they INDUCE voltage.  They CAUSE the free flow of electrons in metal.

So every power line in the country, and all the wires inside the walls of you house, start generating their OWN electric.  A lot of electric.  10,000 – 25,000 Volts per meter of wire.

Think about what the electric devices in your home would do if they suddenly got hit with a surge of 10,000 volts coming in?

Yep.  They would literally fry.

Devices with tiny integrated circuits, (i.e.  “chips”) would see those circuits literally MELT.


A nuclear EMP is defined as having 3 distinct pulses of voltage/current. The E1 pulse is caused by the gamma rays released during the nuclear reaction. The Gamma rays interact with the electrons and the nucleus of the atoms that make up the atmosphere, and this interaction results in freeing electrons from their atoms. The free electrons ionize the atmosphere (ionization results in electron flow), which can be seen as the flow of electricity through anything that acts as an antenna. All of the wires that make up our nations’ electrical grid make an excellent antenna, which will produce an over-voltage condition throughout the affected area. For an optimally positioned detonation (approximately 300 miles high and over the center of the US), the entire nation will be affected by the E1 pulse. The E1 pulse starts at the time of the detonation of the weapon and continues until 1 microsecond after the detonation.

The E-2 pulse starts at 1 microsecond and continues until approximately 1 second after the detonation. The E-2 pulse is caused by the inelastic scattering (matter bouncing off other matter) of the matter from the nuclear weapon interacting with the matter that makes up the atmosphere continuing to ionize the atmosphere.

The E-3 pulse starts at approximately 1 second after the detonation and can continue for several minutes. The E-3 pulse is caused by the nuclear detonation distorting the earth’s geomagnetic structure, and then its reconfiguration. As the magnetic lines are pushed out of configuration and then come back into normal configuration, electricity is generated, and flows through the atmosphere until it contacts wires.

Most affected will be the nation’s power grid, but all arrays of wiring (even in your house) will act as large or small “generators” and will produce the flow of electricity and over-voltage conditions.

Seconds later, your house filling with smoke from the melting electronics, YOU are now thrust back into the stone age.

No electric.  

And for those of you who have emergency generators, when you hook them up, their power will be going into devices that are no longer capable of functioning because all their circuits are melted.

So nothing works.  NOTHING.

Your generator is useless because everything you own is now destroyed inside.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what an EMP would do.

1-Year Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day)

One Bomb – 1,000 Miles of EMP Effect

As the US found out during some early nuclear tests, decades ago,  the effect of a high altitude blast is current surges for OVER A THOUSAND MILES in all directions from the blast.

So if Russia detonated an EMP device above Chicago, everything 1,000 miles in all directions would be fried.

OK, forget Chicago.  If they detonate one over Denver and another over St. Louis, the whole USA is electronically dead.

You can protect yourself from this,  With “EMP Shield.”

EMP Shield is a device installed at the main electric panel where your circuit breakers are.   

EMP Shield will protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system.

This is accomplished by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming in from the grid and the voltage surges that are collected within your home.

Whether the source of electrons are from within your home or coming into your electrical system from outside the home (the grid), the Shield will see the surge and protect your electrical system. The technology reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast, the over voltage is drained away from the equipment before the voltage can rise high enough to damage any equipment. 

All those tens-of-thousands of volts go harmlessly into the ground.  Your devices are thereby protected from being fried.

This two minute video shows how it’s installed in your home

For vehicles, Same protection, super-easy install.  Here’s a video:

Folks, none of us know if or when Russia will attack as the situation in Ukraine worsens.  But they are planning for it, and are already deploying the weapons needed to actually do this.    Russia began moving their Mobile ICBM Launchers a week ago (Story HERE)

As shown in the second video above, GOVERNMENT is preparing. They’re even putting these gizmos in their police cars.  THEY want THEIR stuff to work.  Do YOU want YOUR stuff to work as well?

It’s up to you if you want to prepare for this.  Given the state of the world right now, it seems prudent to take what steps we can to prepare.

Click HERE for further details and purchase (USA and EUROPE too!) (Click to Source)






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