OBiden Regime Wants War With Russia To Cover It’s Licking Of Beijing’s Boot

by L Todd Wood April 15, 2021

The OBiden administration is once again targeting Russia with severe sanctions in addition to those prescribed over the last decade. The new measures will impact Russia’s ability to fund its operations on the international capital markets. Biden says it is due to Russia’s buildup of troops on the Ukrainian border, and allegations Russia was behind the ‘Solar Winds’ hack.

Ten diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Washington are to leave the US. According to the US side, there are representatives of the Russian intelligence services among them, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

The US also bans its companies “from participating in the primary market for ruble or non-ruble denominated bonds issued after June 14, 2021 by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation, or the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.”

The US Department of the Treasury also imposed sanctions against 16 organizations and 16 individuals over their alleged meddling in the US elections. Also, eight individuals and legal entities associated with Crimea were blacklisted, including members of the Crimean government.

The Kremlin is furious and says it will retaliate in-kind, severely.

“We condemn any pursuit of sanctions, we consider them illegal. In any case, the principle of reciprocity in this matter is valid; reciprocity in a way that best serves our interests,” declared Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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Let’s start with some facts.

  1. Joe Biden is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Evidence was found on his son’s laptop that Hunter was in bed with the CCP and paying his father…10% to the ‘Big Guy’. Hunter and Joe made a lot of money from the CCP. Evidence was discovered the Bidens were receiving tens of millions of dollars from the CCP on an annual basis. Hunter is still doing business with the CCP.
  2. Joe Biden signed an executive order upon entering The White House removing improvements to the U.S. electric grid President Trump had directed, exposing America to an EMP threat that would kill millions.
  3. The OBiden regime has prevented investigation of, and the public disclosure of evidence that China executed a massive cyber attack on Nov 3rd of last year which put Biden in office.

In addition, the OBiden administration is ignoring, even enabling, Chinese threats to invade a significant ally of the United States in Asia – Taiwan. Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken was humiliated by Chinese officials ON AMERICAN SOIL a few weeks ago and has been kowtowing to Beijing’s threats ever since. Sure, Biden has made statements he will confront China, but these are just words. He will do nothing — it is another OBiden ‘red line’.

Top it off with Biden opening our borders to millions including terrorists, destroying our military with cultural Marxism, and decimating the USD with massive irresponsible spending, the aim is clear.

This is not an article supporting Russia, who is run by an oligarchy and a serious adversary to the U.S. It is an article supporting common sense and the duplicity of our current ‘leaders’. They are targeting Russia, which is not currently an existential threat to the U.S. (but may become one) and ignoring the real entity that wants to make America a vassal state – the Chinese Communist Party.

So, we have a Chinese plant in The White House, which is starting a war with the largest nuclear armed adversary in the world, and ignoring the takeover of America by the CCP.

You make your own conclusions regarding this administration’s behavior. Just based on the years of ‘Russia hoax’ alone, we are not confident at all Russia is behind Solar Winds. It could easily be the CCP. We simply don’t know.

And furthermore, we ask the OBiden regime where are the sanctions on Beijing for genocide, with millions of Islamic Chinese citizens in concentration camps, forced organ harvesting, forced abortions, and repression. Funny, Jen Psaki won’t talk about that. Winnie the Poo Xi wouldn’t like that kind of talk now would he?

By the way, we call it the ‘OBiden’ administration because it is obvious Biden is not controlling anything. We think the real puppet master is Barack Hussein Obama. (Click to Source)

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