Get Ready For War On All Fronts In The Days Ahead, America: ‘The US Military Is ‘Woke’, We’re Doomed, May God Help Us All’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die April 12, 2021 

With Joe Biden spending an unscheduled Sunday afternoon visit with his ‘senior team’ of advisors after his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, warned both Russia and China about potential military attacks on Ukraine and Taiwan following their ‘threatening military maneuvers’ over the past few days, the US Navy recently adding a mask to their twitter icon eagle is the latest indication that ‘we don’t want to go there’.

Just the latest sign of a ‘submissive’ and ‘woke’ US military under President Joe Biden following the ‘red high heel debacle’ of 2015 under Barack Obama, in which US Army soldiers wore red high heel shoes, sparking an enormous online outburst from Americans, as this Daily Mail reporting on the masked eagle warnsChina, Russia and Iran are now laughing at us.

And as a former US Navy SEAL Team operator warned of this switch to a ‘masked eagle’‘we’re doomed’. Giving all of us another sign that the US military is ‘woke’, what better way for America to be completely destroyed than to hand over control of the country’s military to the ‘completely woke radical left’? From this Daily Mail story before we continue.: 

The U.S. Navy has drawn criticism for updating its Twitter bio to depict an eagle wearing a face mask in a reference to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The change to the Navy logo was spotted by Twitter users on Friday, drawing mockery and accusations that the nation’s adversaries would be ‘laughing’ at the update. 

The logo, a stylized version of the unofficial Navy emblem that dates back to the 1970s, shows an eagle holding an anchor in its talons. The updated version depicts a blue mask covering the eagle’s beak

‘This is so depressing,’ remarked Robby Starbuck, the music video director and Republican candidate for Congress. 

 ‘The @USNavy put a mask on the Eagle on its home page. We’re doomed,’ tweeted Robert J. O’Neill, the former SEAL Team Six operator who participated in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

And as the top rated comments from that story pointed out, with a ‘woke military’, God help us all. 

That is so embarrassing. Talk about woke? 

Now we have a “woke” military? God help us.

That’s Democrats for you. 

So with the US military now pushing ‘inclusion’ and ‘effeminacy’ as traits that they want in their ‘warriors‘ while Russia’s military recruitment ads emphasize masculinity as Life Site News reports in this story/video over at Rumble, what could go wrong? All of this ‘wokeness’ in the military is definitely giving us another reason to prepare. 

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As the Epoch Times had reported in this April 6th story titled “In Service of Progressive Values, US Military Has Become Detached From Reality”“The Department of Defense has developed paranoia regarding ‘white nationalism’. In a woke military, as in a woke society, some folks are more equal than others.”

With all of this coming also at a time when Democrats are pushing ‘slavery reparations’ in Congress, further seeking to divide the nation and likely ensuring more massive tax protests in the future with no one in their right minds wanting to fund something they had nothing to do with that went on hundreds of years ago, we see more signs of that ‘woke-ness’ in the US military in this April 9th story over at American Military News which reports Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is ordering military branches to use new ‘extremism questionnaires’ when bringing in new US soldiers.

As Steve Quayle pointed out in an SQnote while linking to that story on his website, “this guy fiddles while the US military burns and Russia and China position their assets for war against the US”. America is clearly being set up for a major fall. From their story before we continue.:

On Friday, President Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the Department of Defense to create a new commission to study extremism within the ranks and ordered all U.S. military branches to update their screening questionnaires to question military recruits about their current or past links to extremist groups. 

Austin announced the order in a memorandum provided to American Military News. The memo states, “The secretaries of the Military Departments will update and standardize accession screening questionnaires to solicit specific information about current or previous extremist behavior.”

Yet with ‘extremists’ under Barack Obama being practically anyone who is conservative, libertarian, Christian or a gun owner as well as anyone opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism or tyranny or those who ‘peddle conspiracy theories’, we see where this is all headed if we keep on the path we’re on, the march towards tyranny. 

And if it wasn’t bad enough that it appears war is heating up on the global front, the globalists ‘war upon Americans’ continues to heat up on the home front with Joe Biden and Democrats ‘going for the guns’ leading to Texas GOP Chairman Allen West to put out the 1st video we see at the bottom of this story.

With West warning Biden and Democrats that they’ll need to gear up for a fight if they think they’ll simply be able to take away the rights of law-abiding American citizens to protect and defend their families and loved ones, as Susan Duclos had warned in this April 11th ANP story, we should all be prepared for chaos in the days ahead, especially with law enforcement across the country now preparing for mass civil unrest following a verdict in the Chauvin trial while in Minnesota, another police shooting of another black man has led to more rioting and chaos unfolding. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

Leading to Americans all across the country being on pins and needles, with all of this coming at a time when some Democrats actually want the US military to ‘go door to door to disarm Americans’, while they continue to urge on leftist rioters/terrorists BLM and Antifa, as Susan warned within that April 11th ANP story, should they stay silent, leftists leaders will have blood on their hands. 

So while we’ll continue to pray that such riots will somehow be averted (quite unlikely as the weather heats up!) while all wars can and will be avoided in our futures, with America being a country that has been at war for roughly 90% of our existence, we continue to serve our families and loved ones best by preparing for whatever may be ahead. Fully understanding the mess that America is now in as the globalists impose their ‘end game’ upon us. 

And with Joe Biden’s administration rejecting the unalienable rights of Americans as heard in the 2nd/final video below, we should all expect and prepare for the globalists ‘war upon Christianity’ and America to heat up in the days and weeks ahead as their Orwellian vision for America comes into clear focus, a boot stamping upon our human faces, forever. (Click to Source)

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