Russia Official: “If Ukraine Launches Offensive, it will suicide the whole country”


A Senior Russian official stated on Thursday (This morning) that Russia might be forced to engage in combat in Eastern Ukraine to defend its citizens in the region, stating that military action on Russia’s part would “end the Ukraine as a country.”

Dmitry Kozak, deputy head of the Russian presidential administration said “I support the assessment that the start of military action, this would be the beginning of the end of Ukraine”  

When Kozak was asked if Russia would come to the aid of its citizens in Ukraine, he replied “It all depends on the scale of the fire. If there is, as our president says, Srebrenica, apparently we will have to step in to defend [them].”

He went on to say, explicitly, “The beginning of any military actions in the Donbass will be the beginning of the end of Ukraine. This will be a suicide. They will shoot themselves not in the leg but in the side of the head.”

Russian president Vladimir Putin accuses Kyiv of actions in Eastern Ukraine meant to provoke Russia, and further inflame the situation.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

Looks like the globalists are going to start a war, I’ll explain why this is different to 2014, which was the last time Ukraine went to troubles:

1. This military build-up, though far larger than 2014, is barely reported on Main-Stream-Media (MSM). Back in 2014, when Russia was massing troops back then, everyone knew; it was on the media 24/7. This time, they’re massing much more hardware (some that weren’t even used before) and troops, yet the media is virtually silent, the masses are distracted by COVID and “racism”

2. The talk of a “Great Reset” by 2030: you need to bring about a massive event for a big change, COVID alone isn’t enough. Looks like WW3 it is, it will bring economic chaos as well as depopulation.

If this situation erupts into actual war, it will spread so fast, and so wide, all of Europe and the US will become immediately enmeshed.  We here in the USA will be targeted.

Russia is already moving truck-launched nuclear missiles within their country (Story Here and Here)

France is now flexing THEIR nuclear muscle openly (Here)

Ukraine has massed 100,000 troops (Here) Russia has massed over 87,000 troops

This is building up so severely, and by so many nations, that if it blows up, it will blow up everywhere, like lightning.

Make sure you have

  • emergency food supplies,
  • emergency water supplies (to cook and eat, not for washing),
  • Emergency medicine supplies (Things you MUST have to live if supply lines are cut),
  • Fuel (for vehicles, electric generation, home heat),
  • Communications gear (CB or HAM or GMRS radio), battery powered portable radio (AM/FM/Shortwave) to get info,
  • First Aid Kit,
  • Fire extinguisher(s),
  • an EVACUATION PLAN in case it all goes to hell and nukes fly.  

Anyone living in – or near – cities with population over 100,000 will be targets to be hit with nukes.  Have an evac plan to get away from target areas.  Have a “Go bag” to bugout on short notice.

This is very serious, and those who fail – or refuse – to pay attention, aren’t going to make it. (Click to Source)

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