Wars and Rumors of Wars – Massive Additional Russian Armor Trains into Crimea; War coming fast and large


A absolutely MASSIVE amount of Russian Armor (Tanks, APC’s, self-propelled artillery) arrived in Crimea via train today.  Video from the Crimea Bridge over the Kerch Strait between Russia and Ukraine shows the train.  War is coming. Big war. Fast.

The video below was taken by a motorist crossing the Crimea Bridge between mainland Russia and the Crimea peninsula today and it is an utterly mind-boggling addition to the major forces already moved into Crimea.

Countries do not move this amount of heavy armor unless and until they know they’re actually going to war.   It’s just not done.

The fact that Russia sent this train, in addition to other trains, like the ones shown in two other videos below, tells you all you need to know about what’s coming.

Then today, this other train between Dvubratskiy and Ust-Labinsk Station near Krasnodar, was also going to Crimea:

Folks, the writing is on the wall.  If you live in Europe, you need to understand that an actual, MAJOR war, is coming to your soil.

There will be severe disruptions.  Food, water, medicine, fuel, electricity will all see supply disruptions.  And not short term, but LONG TERM!

You need to prepare.  You need to have supplies because when this thing starts, there’s really no telling how bad it might get – or how fast.

If you live in EASTERN EUROPE, you should have an evacuation plan for yourself and your family.  Where can you go, on short notice, to get very far away from the troubles?

Do you have friends or family elsewhere in Europe? You’d better call them and let them know what’s happening.  You’d better ask if you can come stay with them for awhile if you have to evacuate.

This is serious.

You do NOT want to be caught in a war zone.  It’s not safe, or comfortable, or fair.  

If the trouble starts, and you hear or see it spreading toward you, GET OUT.  Don’t wait.  Leave!

More info as it becomes available . . .  (Click to Source)

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