Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, March 29, 2021 – 10:54.

 It was abundantly clear, in 2018, that the globalists were escalating their timetable to establish a New World Order and they are in a hurry to achieve this goal. The globalists found a formula that worked when they stole the 2018 Midterm Elections. The Republicans, and especially Trump, did nothing to counter Democratic Party election fraud. The emboldened globalists are intensified their 2018 approach to election theft and subsequently, the 2020 Election was already decided. Now, the Democrats (ie Bolsheviks) have memorialized the process of election theft and there will never be another free election in this country. Josef Stalin is smiling in Hell as he once said, “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes.”

The globalists are winning on every front. Our pastors are compromised, the MSM and social media are controlled, business and banking are controlled, our leaders have forsaken the people and last year during the beginning of the lockdowns, Donald Trump has changed his goal from Making America Great Again to Making Himself Safe Again as he lives his life in regret as he willingly gave up his Presidency when covid arrived. The freedom fighters of America are on their own with no visible means of support from anyone in a position of power. And despite the fact that the Globalists are controlling every aspect of America with all of their perversions and unconstitutional lockdowns, America be “woke” but we have not yet awakened. That day is quickly coming and it is only due to the fact that we will not be given a choice. All conservatives are being placed on what Sun Tzu called “death’s ground” where we will be forced to fight or lay down and die.  

There is a caveat to the seemingly inevitable purge that is coming our way, the globalists may be about to discover what this nation should have learned from the Vietnam War. You can win every battle, but that does not mean that you will win the war. American Patriots will soon collectively realize that we have entered a generational war, a perpetual guerilla war with no end in sight. The collective consciousness to this inevitability, has not yet gripped the nation’s conservatives, but that moment is arriving. The globalists, through the Democratic minions have stolen our government, the election process, already wrecked the economy and have already handed key segments of our country to the CHICOMS. Biden is a CHICOM owned asset and given the opportunity, he will sell his country out to the CHICOMS.

I was recently interviewing Doug Hagmann  and I asked him a fundamental question that many of us are asking: “Have we lost America and is it possible to get it back?” This article is dedicated to shedding light on this question.  

Some Conservatives Have a Backbone

There are some of us who will never quit until we draw our last breath. There are an estimated 5-10% of this nation that will never submit to the satanic tyranny we are witnessing every single moment of every single day in America. This is a major problem for the global elite. Mark my words, they will be resorting to some very draconian tactics in an attempt to eradicate the resistance. Detention camps and genocide is likely in our future. Refer to Bill Ayers comments on this topic. 

The Globalists Are In a State of Panic

Speaking to those of you who are awake, you must realize that the odds favor the fall of America and the total and tyrannical takeover of the nation by Godless and very evil forces. The 2020 Election was stolen by Google and social media minions along with the millions of illegal aliens cast votes, ballot harvesting, fabricated mail-in ballots and I did not even mention the corrupt voting machines. America, you have already lost the election and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can decide if you are going to fight or capitulate. 

The hope of a decisive victory over the globalist takeover of America under the leadership of Trump is gone. We need to think of ourselves as the new and modern-day version of the Viet Cong who did not know the meaning of the word, quit. We have entered into a generational battle for the control of our lives. Can the Tribulation be that far off? The military is not capable of standing up to the globalists. They are too woke and you cannot win a war with transsexuals in the foxholes.

The major reason that the globalists have to speed up their takeover is due to the fact that that an increasing number of people who are waking up to their tyranny and their ultimate agenda which consists of establishing a neo-feudal society which is autocratic, decidedly satanic, devoid of personal liberties, practices 100% control over all essential resources (e.g. gold, guns, ammunition, food, water, energy, medicine)  and  a 90% reduction of the existing population. Unfortunately, America there are not enough of you who are awake and therefore, our numbers are insufficient to stop what is coming. Google and social media are determined that this will never happen. Thus, extreme censorship is the present globalist weapon of choice. This is why we must begin to recognize ourselves for what we are becoming, a guerilla resistance force. There is no other option. Our rights are gone and there is no longer any rule of law. Our country is being destroyed by Executive Orders and the spirit of Satan that has invaded our governmental leaders.

From a battle perspective our people occupy no land, no political position, we pass no laws, our elections are coronation ceremonies for the selected, not the elected. Google has set themselves up to steal every election. Your Christian faith will soon put a big target on your back.  And this is only the short list.

The Price of Capitulation

If you are one of the 10% selected few designated to survive in the coming globalist purge, you will own nothing, not even the clothes on your back, and you will control nothing. Like many of your Middle Ages ancestors, you will not travel, only be functionally educated and you will only reproduce when allowed to do so and with whom is selected for you. The survivors will become the globalist breeding stock. You will have no autonomy over career choice. Your future will consist of nothing but a predetermined and shortened life-span of misery as the selected elite expand their lifespans through Transhumanism. This is the America our children are going to inherit.  

There is cause for celebration. We should be and some people are celebrating the fact that we have survived to fight another day. We have not yet been exterminated. Resistance is obedience to God. 

Make no mistake about it America, we are losing, but we are awaiting reinforcements. Unfortunately, the reinforcements arrival is as of yet, unannounced, as we do not yet know the hour of the day that the Lord Jesus will return and set things right. Therefore, my fellow Americans, we, the honorable and good people of this country, have been relegated to guerilla warfare where it is a victory to survive and fight another day in the name of liberty and Jesus.

The Accelerated Timetable

Back in 2011, Brzezinski stated “that it is easier to kill million people than to control a million people”. Brzezinski was one of the most brilliant, albeit evil, minds in the modern era, In his book, Between Two Ages: The Technotronic Era (1970), he accurately foresaw the coming free trade agreements and the subsequent economic decline of America.

I have often wondered why sites like mine are allowed to exist. After all, the Independent Media is hitting home runs in terms of exposing the nature and character of the Deep State. I believe that sites like this continue to flourish because at the end of the day, it will not matter. The Globalists have already figured that they have already won and they are engaged in mop up operations. Google’s censorship, election meddling, constitutes the ultimate mop up operation.

The Bill of Rights

One surface examination of the Bill of Rights will tell America just how far we, as a people have fallen.

  1. 1st Amendment- Any time an American expresses their opinion related to the repeated violation of Constitution by the globalists who have seized control of our government, that person is labeled as a conspiracy theorist, a promoter of fake news, a Russian subversive, a racist, and disloyal to the country. Every day, people are losing their jobs for expressing their views. The First Amendment is headed towards extinction and Google is leading the charge towards a genocidal existence as facilitated by the Democratic Party. The forbidden topics on social media continue to expand and some of these forbidden topics include 2020 election theft, continued election theft for the foreseeable future, vaccine injuries and death, illegal immigration, gun confiscation moves by the Democrats, criticism of the lack of scientific rigor in the climate change movement and the glorification of all relationships that do not culminate in procreation.
  2. There is a continual assault on the Second Amendment. California passed a bill that outlawed gun magazines that hold 10 bullets or more. Now California is conducting background checks on the sale of bullets. Why does the government so desperately want to remove the right to own guns? Hint: We better look at HR 1, before we allows it to pass due to our cognitive dissonance and resulting bystander apathy! The answer is simple with regard to the motivations for gun control, when it comes time for the Deep State to separate the desirables from the undesirables, it would be time to defend oneself. However, the government wants to take that away. Remember, the University of Hawaii conducted a Democide study (ie death by government) and in the 20th century, far more people were murdered by their government than died in wars. That makes your government your number one enemy. And now, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Americans do not have the right to open or conceal carry.
  3. The Third Amendment has to do with the Quartering Act in which Americans were forced to share their homes and food with British soldiers. There doesn’t seem to be a threat to this Constitutional prohibition. However, in times of declared national emergency, FEMA can commandeer any resource they want including your home. Please be aware, when the socialists takeover in 2020, you will own nothing, including the home you now live in. 
  4. The Fourth Amendment has to do with prohibiting improper, warrantless searches and seizures of our persons and our property. Every time you fly, and the TSA puts their grubby hands on our bodies without and probable cause and commits second degree sexual assault, we have had a our rights violated. No knock raids upon our domiciles are also unconstitutional as are drunk driving checkpoints because the presume guilt without probable cause. The mere fact that the government, usually in the form of the NSA can listen to every phone call and read every email, speaks to our right was obliterated beginning with President Bush and the Patriot Acts. The most stunning development has to do with the fact that we have learned that the Biden administration is in full support of vaccine passports. Soon, you will not be able to buy or sell without the passport.
  5. The Fifth Amendment has to do with the government following due process. The amendment states that a citizen cannot be deprived of life, property or liberty with the government following due process of law. The Fifth Amendment is gone. The NDAA permits the government, based on the say-so of the President to snatched off of the street and held indefinitely without legal counsel or anyone knowing where that citizen is. I fear that the noncompliant refusers of vaccines, will soon learn the meaning of FEMA camp policies, especially FM 39.4 and the legal façade of the NDAA.
  6. 7. 8. These amendments have to do with a speedy trial, avoiding cruel and unusual punishment and the right to a speedy trial as well as being granted a jury trial. Again, the NDAA takes care of these rights as well.

The last two Amendments have to do with the preservation of local political power. These Amendments are gone as well. IF these amendments were still in place, we would not have the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the EPA, the FDA and the Department of Education.  


This article will not be popular among some of the patriots who still believe in the pie-in-the-sky. Some need to worship super leader who will swoop in and save the day. The Trump experiment, that I admit I fully supported, is over. If Trump was truly in control, we would have one million soldiers on our southern border and Pelosi, AOC, Feinstein and Clinton would be in prison.

Name one thing that the Republicans are presently doing to save this country? Weren’t you supposed to stop believing in Santa by the age of 8? Our borders are collapsing by design and under the supervision of the Democratic Party. We are being invaded by millions who know nothing of our Constitution, culture, and way of life. Our economy is in a state of near collapse. The lockdowns obliterated our Constitution. We have domestic terror groups like Antifa, that carry out their evil with absolute impunity. Ike and JFK would have sent in the troops to Portland and arrested the communist, criminal mayor along with the Antifa thugs. We see the Democrats calling for the imprisonment of anyone who speaks out against Congress. Tens of thousands of troops are being amassed on both our northern and southern borders awaiting opportunity and orders. Those would be the troops facing NORTH. And South. Where are the pastors, the Republicans, anyone? America, we are on our own. Perhaps you should read the Book of Revelation. 

To those who are awake, keep fighting the fight America, but realize you have been relegated to being a guerilla fighter. You are represented by nobody and nobody in power truly supports your silly notions of liberty. The globalists are laughing at you! When you seriously reflect on this comment, will it cause you to fight with more resolve, or will you be sending your future political donations to the Democratic Party? Thomas Paine would have called many of you liberty imposters, “sunshine patriots”.

Those of us that choose to cross the line drawn at places like the Alamo, you should realize that most guerilla forces perish. The Vietnamese people lost 4 million people, but they refused to quit. Will we, who are quickly being relegated to a guerilla force, have the same resolve? Help is on the way in the form of Jesus Christ, but can you persevere until then? The Bible demands we do not capitulate to the tyranny.

What am I going to do? I am going to fight like hell. My life may end like Jim Bowie, bedridden, fighting Mexican soldiers at the Alamo or its equivalent. But at least Bowie and myself will have died like men, not like the collaborators in Congress and the entertainment industry whose lives will end like the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. 

So, your may wonder how Doug Hagmann answered my question with regard to issue of the possibility to recapture the country. He said what many of us know, not without a fight. However, I contend that the war will consist of a force that are good little Democrat minions by day and fierce warriors by night. 

Most don’t realize it yet, but they soon will, American conservatives will soon be left with two options: (1) acceptance of the coming genocidal purge; and, (2) Guerilla warfare…never give up your guns for any reason. PRAY, AND PLEASE REALIZE THAT IF YOU PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD, YOUR ULTIMATE VICTORY WILL BE REALIZED. IN THE MEANTIME, WE CANNOT ACQUIESCE TO TYRANNY!

More on this topic will be forthcoming. (Click to Source)

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