CLAIM: COVID Nasal Test Kits Infected with “Nano-Worms” – Infect People’s Brains after test?


Video below shows what some are calling “nano-worms” in the COVID Nasal Test kits.  A number of people around the world have analyzed the COVID Nasal Testing Swab Kits and are claiming they have found “irrefutable proof” the kits are full of “nano-worms” designed to enter a person’s brain and infect them!

I make no representation about the truthfulness or accuracy of this person’s video.   I saw what you will see and I just don’t know.  

Some who have seen the video claim what is being seen are “Morgellons Fibers” – again, I just don’t know.  

Here now, the video.  Decide for yourselves if this is why they “grind” the swab in your nostrils when they test: (Article continues BELOW the video)

Are they trying to scrape open your nasal tissue to allow nano worms to get inside your blood stream?

Other have noted there are also “controls” for these tests.  One is a “positive” control.  Another is a “Negative” control.  See image below.

So if a person you know has had a “positive” test, they may want to inquire as to which Control was used? (Click to Source)

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