China and Russia Now Teaming Up to Pile On US Embarrassment

Mar 21, 2021 by Jayin Politics

The communist mouthpiece Global Times is reporting that Russia is to visit China after “extremely intense but impressive dialogue with the US in Alaska.”

Chinese experts said inviting Russia to visit China just after the Alaska meeting shows that strategic mutual trust between Beijing and Moscow is very high. As Russia-US ties are becoming tense after Russia recently recalled its ambassador to the US, Russia needs to coordinate with China on how to deal with the US as well as regional hot spot issues like the Iran nuclear deal, the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the Afghanistan peace process and Syria.

China surprised Secretary of State Blinken when they refused to be cowed by human rights accusations. They instead used the BLM movement, who they helped fund, as an example of issues within the US. Their argument was that the US had no right to act as moral superiors when they are abusers themselves.

After milking the Alaskan meeting for all of the domestic propaganda it was worth, they are attempting to further the embarrassment of the US by inviting Russia for talks. This comes on the heels of remarks that President Biden made about President Putin where he referred to him as a killer, and said that Putin would “pay a price” for interfering in American elections.

This will be played to show the power of the Russia-China relationship, while at the same time showing the US as weak. Unfortunately, many of the appearances made by the President showcase his obvious decline and help to reinforce perception. (Click to Source)

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