Ukraine Cut-off Fresh Water Supply to Crimea When it Returned to Russia


For seven years, the Kiev government in Ukraine has blockaded a vital fresh water channel that once provided around 85% of Crimea’s water supply.  To this day, the water remains cut off.

In 2014, following the reabsorption of the Crimea peninsula into Russia, Ukraine constructed a makeshift dam on the North Crimean Canal, which once connected the region to the River Dnieper, the fourth-longest river in Europe.

The image below shows what the Ukrainian government did: The plentiful fresh water canal was deliberately shut with piles of cement hastily dumped; redcuing the plentiful flow to a virtual trickle:

As a result, Crimea has been suffering from a water shortage for a full seven years since they voted to leave Ukraine and return to Russia, resuming 300 years of history as part of Russia.

If the Russian government plans to invade Ukraine, and it appears that may happen within days, it may set up a land corridor through the south of the Ukraine, to Crimea, as a way to solve the Crimean peninsula’s water drought. That’s according to Kiev’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk.

Speaking on Wednesday to US state-run media outlet RFE/RL, Kravchuk noted that the disastrous water situation on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea could be used as an excuse for a military incursion into Ukraine. 

Others say going to war over water is justified; it’s a matter of the right to human survival.

With water running so low, many Crimean cities have imposed rationing, with the likes of Simferopol and Yalta only turning on taps for a few hours each day.

According to Kravchuk, Moscow could send troops into Mariupol and Kherson, two regions between Crimea and mainland Russia, and open up a land corridor with the aim of unblocking the canal. (Click to Source)

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