New U.S. Navy Recruiting Poster . . . With RUSSIAN Typhoon Submarine


A new recruiting poster has been issued by the US Navy trying to show all of the different opportunities available to men (and women) who enlist:  Ships, Planes, Submarines, Electronics . . . . and more.   

There’s just one tiny little problem: The submarine they show as a job opportunity . . . . is a RUSSIAN Typhoon Class Missile Submarine.

Here’s the Recruiting Poster:

And Here is a file photo of a Russian Typhoon Class submarine from Wikipedia:

OK, OK, maybe this is being too petty.  After all, expecting the United States Navy to have one of their OWN submarines on a recruiting poster might be expecting too much from the snowflakes who presently infest the armed forces.

After all, the American people only pay about a BILLION dollars for each of the submarines we provide to our Navy; chump change in the grand scheme of things.   And really, who cares?  The POINT is that the Navy affords submarine opportunities to potential recruits and the poster does show a submarine . . . . so it gets the point across.   What’s the big deal if it shows a Russian sub?

Now, it might dawn on some of you that there are many different shapes of US submarine and folks in our Navy really shouldn’t be expected to know all the shapes.  Then too, if they can’t tell OUR OWN vessels from those of another country, that could prove problematic when its time to launch torpedoes to sink one of them.

It should also be mentioned that the poor sailors in the recruiting department are so overworked, and their bosses didn’t catch the mistake either.

Yes, the bosses.   You know, the ones higher up in the chain of command?   The ones who might end up giving an actual ORDER to torpedo another vessel?

Do you have any idea how many people this poster had to go through before it was finally approved for use?  There might be literally DOZENS of US Navy personnel who had to look at, and sign-off-on, the use of these images.   And NONE of them caught it.

Perhaps this is the level of competency we get with an Affirmative Action Appointee as Secretary of Defense?

This does not bode well for us Americans.   If our entire chain of command in the Navy could not catch something as simple as wrongly using a Russian submarine on a US Navy recruiting poster, then what level of “defense” might we get when it comes time for the Navy to actually defend America?

Looks like we’re in a lot of trouble.

But fear not:  The military HAS issued a memo instructing personnel they must fully embrace and protect Lesbian, Gay, Trans-gender . . . . and the rest of the deviants . . . .  who are in our military.   Here’s the memo:

Hey, our Navy may not be able to identify a US submarine from a Russian submarine, but they’ll sure be able to f–k each other in the ass the right way.  

Yes, it looks like we’re in an awful lot of trouble, folks . . .  and so it goes. (Click to Source)

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