Welcome to the USA – The Inmates Are Now In Charge of the Asylum – Wars and Rumors of Wars – Biden Calls Putin “Killer” – Moscow RECALLS Ambassador, cites “Irreversible Deterioration” of US Relations


Moscow has called home Russia’s Washington DC envoy for consultations, after (Illegitimate) President Joseph Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “killer” with “no soul.”   

Moscow says it wants to at least try to halt the “irreversible deterioration” of US ties after Biden said he agrees with the assessment that Putin is a “killer.”

Joe Biden lashed out at Russia in an interview that aired Wednesday morning as he warned Vladimir Putin would ‘pay a price’ for interfering in U.S. elections – even though the president’s own intelligence director concluded the Kremlin did not interfere in the election process.

‘He will pay a price,’ Biden told ABC News host George Stephanopoulos. ‘We had a long talk, he and I. I know him relatively well and the conversation started off, I said, ‘I know you and you know me. If I establish this occurred then be prepared.’

When pushed on what the consequences would be, the president said: ‘The price he’s going to pay, well, you’ll see shortly.’

Biden said he wouldn’t reveal exactly what consequences he would levy, but did indicate it is in America and Russia’s ‘interest to work together’ 

During Biden’s interview, which aired during ‘Good Morning America’ on Wednesday, the president called his Russian counterpart a ‘killer’ and claimed he has no soul.

‘So you know Vladimir Putin. You think he is a killer?’ Stephanopoulos asked Biden.

He responded: ‘Uh-huh, I do.’

A bit earlier, the ABC anchor pointed out: ‘You said you know he doesn’t have a soul.’

‘I did say that to him, yes,’ the president affirmed.

‘And his response was, ‘We understand one another.’ I wasn’t being a wise guy. I was alone with him in his office. That’s how it came about,’ he described.

‘It was when President Bush said he looked in his [Putin’s] eyes and saw his soul. I said, ‘I looked in your eyes and I don’t think you have a soul.’ He looked back and said, ‘We understand each other.”

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