UKRAINE Massing Troops & Armor; Closes Distance to 400 Yards at Luhansk/Donetsk; Also Massing at Crimea


Things in Ukraine just keep getting more and more dangerous from a military conflict point of view.

The Ukraine government has closed the distance to only 400 yards between its armed forces and those of breakaway Oblasts (states) of Luhansk and Donetsk.

For almost two weeks, Ukraine has been moving trainloads of tanks, artillery, and other armor, into the area near Luhansk and Donetsk, with heavy troop arrivals that began this past weekend.

Now, those troops, and that armor, has been moved to about 400 yards from the forces of the breakaway states.

Worse, today Ukraine began massing tanks, troops, and artillery, on the northern border of Russian Crimea; photo above!

Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and return to Russia.  The West claimed the vote was rigged, but the Russian Duma (Congress) accepted the return of Crimea via legislation.  Crimea is once again Russian territory.

If Ukraine and/or NATO try to forcibly take Crimea back for Ukraine, it will mean direct war with Russia.

Moreover, if Ukraine tries to forcibly reclaim Luhansk and Donetsk, it will directly threaten the Russia Border and Russia may intervene there too.

Either way, pieces have been moved into place, and by all that’s logical, a major conflict is about to erupt in eastern Europe.

US and British military resources are also in the area and have been actively flying inside Ukraine grabbing electronic intel.  So the US and UK are heavily involved, and such will be the case if actual war breaks out.


Five (5) transport aircraft of the Qatar Air Force, the closest ally and “wallet” of Erdogan’s Turkey, have landed in Kiev, Ukraine, over the past 24 hours. It looks like they are transporting something serious and in the fastest possible manner.  Likely weapons systems. (Click to Source)

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