Russian Tochka Missiles in the air! U.S. Oil **Smugglers** and Their Depots Being hit AGAIN in Syria


Russia Tochka Missiles are in the air as of 11:30 PM eastern U.S. Time Sunday evening, as Russia and Syria attack oil smuggling operations yet AGAIN! 

U.S., Turkish, and Israeli oil smugglers – and their trucks — are being targeted and destroyed for the second time in a week.

Video is emerging from the sites attacked. 

Below, oil smuggler tractor trailers at the al-Hamran crossing between Syrian Defense Forces (US Proxies) and Turkish-held areas of Syria are ablaze after the missile strikes:

Another oil smuggling depot has also been attacked tonight. The Tarhin oil storage, refinery, and market near Turkish-held al-Bab in northern Aleppo, Syria is also now on fire.

Russia attacked and destroyed these and other oil storage facilities inside Syria a week ago to put a halt to US/Turkey/Israel stealing Syrian oil and profiting at an estimated $100 Million per month.

Instead of stopping the oil theft, the US, Turkey and Israel rebuilt essential parts of the storage facilities and kept right on stealing.   Now, they’ve been blown up again.

In the meantime, hundreds of tractor-trailer loads of weapons, ammunition and war-fighting supplies are being poured back into Syria by the US.  Under Biden, all the troops reductions and restraint against escalation that took place during the Trump Administration, is being undone.

It seems to many observers the US is coming back into Syria to finish under Biden, the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Assad which was begun under Barack Obama.  

This time, however, Russia has made clear such conduct will result in direct war with Russia.  The US does not seem phased and is continuing its escalations inside Syria.


Pictures now coming in from the second site attacked, Tarhin, Syria, which is also burning:

and this:

With this type of escalation, the world moves closer to actual warfare between Russia and the West. (Click to Source)

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