U.S. Bases in Dier Ezor, Syria, Being Sighted-in for launch of Rockets and Heavy Missiles by Iranian-Backed Militia’s


Militias inside Syria are moving “very many” rockets and what is being described as heavy missiles into positions with striking range of US Troops in Dier Ezor, Syria.   The Rockets and missiles are “clearly being aimed directly at US Bases” across the river.

This is raw intel from the field inside Syria.   It is being published here, now, because the nature of the intel is such that these things are taking place out in the open and they can be USED with little or no notice.


There has been movement of large Rockets and Missiles at Al-Mayadin in Deir Ez Zor, Syria, with the Rockets and Missiles being pointed towards United States Military Positions in SDF-Held Deir Ez Zor, with a State of Maximum Alertness at Al-Mayadin and Al-Bukamal.

The American bases in Deir ez Zor are much less protected than the Iraqi ones. They are vulnerable yet have practically been untouched except for one or two occasions. There’s a much higher likelihood of inflicting casualties here if an attack takes place. Response would be big.”

I have been told directly by someone in a position to know, “If the Iranian militias fire at our bases, it will immediately trigger a very heavy response by US military forces against “both the militias inside Syria and against their state-sponsor, Iran.”

The latter portion of the statement is the key “. . . and against their state-sponsor, Iran.”  

The scalable map below shows the area in which this is taking place:


Watch closely folks.  It seems the actual match to a major, MAJOR, conflict is about to be lit and thrown.


I reached out to the Pentagon for “official” comment. Commander Jessica L. McNulty who is a Pentagon Spokesperson (Middle East / Central Asia / Africa) in the Office of the Secretary of Defense replied “We have nothing to offer you on this topic.”

Whether that’s because they don’t know, can’t say, or because they are all keenly aware that in a recent story, I referred to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as “Yellow-Bellied Political Cowards” (Story HERE) is not known.

The map below shows where THREE (3) US “bases” are located relative to Dier Ez Zor: (Click to Source)

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