Israeli Military Goes COMPLETELY Dark


UPDATED 8:52 PM EST SEE BOTTOM — Within the hour, every single military aircraft of the Israeli Air Force went “dark.”  EVERY aircraft transponder was turned off.

As of 4:40 PM eastern US time on Tuesday afternoon, NOT ONE Israeli military aircraft is signaling via the typical, normal, civilian, transponder system.  This is unusual.  Earlier today, everything was typical; there was even a “busy” deployment of Signals Intelligence aircraft as shown on the radar display below:

Then, all of a sudden . . . .  NOTHING.

 All Israeli Military “Ads B” transponders are now offline.

Military assets ***generally*** only do this when an attack against an enemy is imminent.

Will Israel carry out it’s threat to attack Iranian nuclear sites?

Will Iran carry out it’s threat to “level Tel Aviv and Haifa” if attacked by Israel?

Or are the Israelis planning yet another attack upon Syria and have gone dark to make it harder for RUSSIA to intercept their aircraft, as Russia has warned it is prepared to do?

All those statements were made by the respective governments just this past weekend.  And now the Israeli military has “gone dark.”    HMMMMMMMMMM


An Iraqi airline canceled ALL Erbil-Aleppo flights shortly before all Israeli military aircraft “went dark.”

MORE: The Saudis just moved some F15’s to Crete.

I think tonight may be a practice run for something about to go down.

According to former colleagues in the Intelligence Community, the general consensus in political and military circles is that the Iran situation is at a point where the can can’t be kicked any further down the road. (Click to Source)

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