Leaked HHS Documents: U.S. Has Lost Control Of Southern Border


Internal documents from the Department of Health and Human Services show the number of child migrants crossing the U.S. southern border from Mexico is now overwhelming fedgov resources.  Tens-of-thousands of third world savages are literally pouring across the border into the US each week since Joe Biden became illegitimate President through rampant election fraud.

In the week ending March 1, the U.S. Border Patrol referred to HHS custody, an average of 321 children per day, according to documents leaked from the Department of Homeland Security. That’s up from a weekly average of 203 in late January and early February — and up from just 47 per day during the first week of January. 

The same documents, dated Tuesday, say the shelter system is at 94% occupancy and expected to reach its maximum today, March 5, 2021.(Click to Source)

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