Biden OK’s Release of $3 BILLION to IRAN by South Korea, Iraq, and Oman; Pays Extortion for Return of Seized Ship


The Biden Administration has approved the release by South Korea, Iraq and Oman, of $3 Billion in Sanctions-Prohibited cash money to . . . IRAN!  They payoff comes to secure the release by Iran of a South Korea Merchant Ship seized in January by Iranian forces.

It was back on January 4 that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) seized the South Korea-flagged vessel Hankuk Chemi and arrested its multinational crew near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, saying it had polluted the waters.

The seizing of the vessel came as Tehran urged Seoul to released billions of dollars of Iranian assets frozen in South Korea due to US sanctions.

“In a humanitarian move by Iran, the crew of the South Korean tanker accused of polluting the environment of the Persian Gulf were allowed to leave the country,” foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement.

The permission for them to leave had been granted upon “the request of the South Korean government and (with) the cooperation of the judiciary in Iran”, he added.

He did not specify whether the crew had already left as of February 2.

The case of the tanker and its captain were still being reviewed, he added, without elaborating.

The arrested crew were from South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Former US president Donald Trump in 2018 withdrew Washington from a landmark nuclear agreement with world powers and then re-imposed and reinforced crippling sanctions on Iran.

Iran was a key oil supplier to resource-poor South Korea until Washington’s rules blocked the purchases.

According to government spokesman Ali Rabiei, Iran has $7 billion of funds blocked in Seoul.

The money can neither be transferred nor earn interest, yet Iran is charged fees on it, he has said.

Iran has on various occasions denied the seizure and the funds are linked.

– ‘Maximum effort’ –

According to Khatibzadeh, Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi was told during a phone call with a South Korean counterpart that Seoul was putting in its “maximum effort” to release the funds as soon as possible.

South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Choi Jong-kun had visited Tehran last month on a long-planned visit, and discussed both the tanker’s and the funds issues.

He met with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who told him that “restrictions” on Iranian funds were the “biggest obstacle” to their bilateral relations in the current situation, as reported by Iran’s official news agency IRNA.

Tehran had warned in January its seizure of the tanker must not be politicized, after the United States and France urged the Islamic republic to release the ship.

The Hankuk Chemi incident was the first seizure of a major vessel by Iran’s naval forces in more than a year.

In July 2019, the Guards seized the British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz for allegedly ramming a fishing boat. They released it two months later.

At the time it was widely seen as a tit-for-tat move after authorities in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar detained an Iranian tanker and later released it, despite US objections.

Tehran denied the two cases were related.

The Guards seized at least six other ships in 2019 over alleged fuel smuggling.

Today, the issue is resolved with the release of at least Three Billion US Dollars ($3,000,000,000.) from South Korea, Iraq, and Oman to the country of Iran. 

Sources in each of the three countries confirm this was done with the explicit permission of the Biden Administration.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

Just as Barack Obama before him, Joe Biden is so mentally weak and so impotent, that he is turning over cash money to Iran.  In one fell swoop, Biden has undermined YEARS of US Policy toward that radical Islamic State.

The weakness of Biden, and of his Democrat Party in general, will not go un-noticed by the world.  The word will get out that it’s easy to push the USA around now that weakling Biden is President.

If this wasn’t bad enough, there are already rumors that the Democrats are preparing to 25th Amendment Biden, and oust him from the Presidency over his Dementia symptoms, which would allow Kamala Harris, present illegitimate Vice President, to assume the US Presidency.  (Both Biden and Harris are reported by this site as being “illegitimate” because they got into office through rampant, brazen voter/election fraud)

And as the rumors of Biden’s pending ouster circulate far and wide, there are also jokes in Diplomatic circles about Kamala Harris.  Word in the foreign Diplomatic Corps is that not only is Harris as weak as Biden, but one Diplomat said “adversaries can probably negotiate blow jobs from Harris to settle international troubles because that is what is rumored to be the way she navigated to the top of the Democrat Party.”

Biden got the nickname of “sniff” throughout the campaign season because he routinely is seen smelling young children.  Harris got the nickname “blow” for her alleged activities.  Thus Biden/Harris became known as Sniff & Blow during the campaign season.  Apparently, the foreign Diplomatic Corps plans to exploit that.

THIS is the level of political trash that is now leading the United States of America.  God help us all. (Click to Source)

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