The Alleged Racism of ALL White People Is the Newest Excuse Being Used to Impose Global Governance

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, February 27, 2021 – 15:44.

The Common Sense Show wishes to reiterate its main purpose in all of its venues ranging from the radio networks that we are fortunate to be on, our TV show, our podcasts and the articles that are written on our flagship organization, The Common Sense Show website. Our main purpose is the preservation of Constitutional liberties for all Americans. Our organization is decidedly Christian. However, our advocacy knows no proprietary bounds. We stand for the protection of the Constitutional liberties of all Americans. Race does not matter, Religion, or the lack of religion does not matter. Sexual preference, political affiliations, economic status, national origin or any other demographic characteristic matters. If someone’s rights, regardless of the background of the person is imperiled, the CSS stands at the ready to defend these rights without exception. Any deviation from this mission would render the CSS hypocritical and ineffective.

As this author has discovered, there is a new genocidal mentality in this country that has the potential to resemble the worst days of Nazi Germany or anything perpetrated by the Bolsheviks. The evil that underlies these genocidal tendencies resides, most commonly, within the Democratic Party. However, the Democrats are only a symptom of the problem. And the scapegoat for this attack upon American civil liberties would be White people. In the spectrum of racial diversity in America, most groups have had their turn on the so-called chopping block. Now it is the turn of White people.

The Silence of Jewish Organizations is Deafening

Why aren’t Jewish organizations and individual speaking out against the growing levels of tyranny directed at White people? “Never again” has been the well-justified mantra, but it is beginning to happen again. And one would believe that since most Jews are highly sensitized the overt and subtle signs of racism and genocide, coupled with the fact that most Jews are not non-white, one would think that Jewish organizations would be speaking against the racist policies of the present administration and the Democratic Party. However, America, you should not feel singled out, prejudicial behaviors are in evidence in places like New Zealand and this was made clear with a recent interview on the Common Sense Show.TV as I interviewed Aaron Livingston from New Zealand. In New Zealand, Whites are routinely vilified in the name of somehow protecting indigenous people. In South Africa, the anti-White sentiment has turned genocidal with the well-publicized murder of White famers and the subsequent seizures of their farms and resources, by the South African ruling party and their Communist Chinese Political Party partners (CCP). The anti-White movement is global and is picking up steam.

Let’s review some emerging attitudes that are being perpetrated by the mainstream media whores who serve the globalists.

  1. All Trump supporters are racist.
  2. Supporters of the Constitution, including free speech advocates and gun owners are racist.
  3. Intact White families are racist and exude the sin of family privilege. However, intact families from other backgrounds do not carry this label.
  4. All White people are racist.
  5. As a penance for the racism of all White people, they should be willing to make sacrifices of wealth, property and position not being asked of other races.
  6. All successful White people are racists and have built their success on the backs of non-Whites.  

Most people that non-White, reject these beliefs and do not support the newest form of bigotry in America. However, the New World Order needs a scapegoat. A scapegoat that can be blamed for climate change, racism, murder, economic and political exploitation. Whites are not the 24/7 ready made excuse for all of the world’s problems and in a few false flag events from now, the takeover of national sovereignty will take place under the guise of ridding the planet of the White plague among us.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum says that “the goal of Nazi propaganda was to demonize Jews and to create a climate of hostility and indifference toward their plight.”  We are beginning to live out these words today in America.

I was watching on Tucker Carlson as he interviewed former Smith College’s employee Jodi Shaw. She reported being racially harassed. She filed a clam under the banner of the Civil Rights and was told that the laws, prohibiting overt racism, did not apply to White people. In further violation of federal law, which protects one from retaliation from an employer accused of racism, the law was ignored and Smith was stripped of all her duties. She subsequently resigned. This goes beyond the Jim Crow sentiment, as racism, under the Biden administration has become institutionalized.  

Coke has instituted white theory racism training for its employees. Nowhere in their training manuals does it say that prejudice and bigotry can cut across all racial, gender and religious lines. Only White people can be racist according to Coke. It would please this author to state that this is a stand-alone attitude, but it is not. The media propagandizes the public every day that White people are to blame for all problems in society.  

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. admonished America to judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Today, in the racially charged Biden administration, the skin color of White people is the defining characteristic. This is a definitive bastardization of King’s philosophy and he is undoubtedly turning over in his grave as his most important work is being perverted by people with an Agenda. What is the agenda you ask? It is Agenda 2030 and White people are being targeted as the scapegoat excuse to be the reason needed to implement racist policies. After all, as despots like to say, aren’t White people the excuse for all that is wrong with America?

One person recently asked me if I thought that White people would have to soon wear the infamous J Stamp used to identify Jews in Nazi Germany? I said, that would not be necessary, White skin will suffice as the key identifying factor leading to overt persecution which will soon know no bounds.

In Nazi Germany, Jews were discriminated against by non-Jews. However, in 2021 America, it is interesting to note that Whites are being discriminated against by other Whites, who also have White skin but are dedicated to erasure of national sovereignty and the establishment of what will prove to be Satan’s end times kingdom here on earth. And believe me, if White people were not being vilified and set up for the coming and very massive purge, any other race or religion would do just fine.  

Have any of the readers seen where the military and government offices are now imposing mandatory racial sensitivity courses where Whites are being delegated to a secondary status with regard to civil rights laws protections?   

The United Nations has declared that White racism (ie White Supremacy) is a global threat. This is the pretextual language of genocide. The scapegoat has been created and the need for a New World Order will be justified because of the presence of White people.  

Here are some things to look for in the near future and you may ask, how do I know? I know because history is speaking and America is not listening. The Democratic leadership is following the tenets of the Nazi’s from yester-year.

Look for the following:

  1. More vilification of Whites will continue in our institutions and media. Repeat a lie often enough, said the Nazis, and the people will come to believe it.
  2. There will be massive false flag attacks and White Trump supporters will be blamed. White Supremacists will be blamed in totality. This happened in 1930’s Nazi Germany with the Reichstag fire and a similar event(s) is planned in modern day America.
  3. The ensuing reaction from the present administration will actually reveal the true purpose behind the false flag attacks. White supremacy will be blamed, however, the solution to the problem is the eradication of all civil liberties as prescribed in the Constitution. This exposes the true plot as political, not racial, with the real purpose being the removal of all civil liberties within the United States. This is a necessary precondition to the establishment of a global dictatorship. At this point, the White supremacy movement will be exposed as a thinly veiled excuse to install deadly tyranny that will stop at nothing to impose its will upon the people. This is the point in history in which anyone who advocates for First and Second Amendment rights will be targeted.
  4. At this point, the roundups will begin and America will have crossed the Rubicon. The roundups will be justified as being done in the name of the “greater good”. This phrase, the greater good, has been responsible for more genocidal excuse making than any other phrase in world history. 

Because I happen to be White, I understand that this is not really being directed at me because of my race. My skin color is merely the excuse to impose a tyrannical government upon the people and the alleged bad deeds of my race, of which ALL Whites are guilty of committing will justify the end result. Remember to a tyrant, the ends always justifies the means. At the end of the coming purge against Whites, if the job of American subjugation is not yet complete, there will be another scapegoat created, beyond the White people excuse and some other group, racial, or religious, will take their turn among the persecuted. Those of you who are non-White may not want to breath a collective sigh of relief, you could be next. And for those that think that I am going to submit to critical race theory and admit my imagined transgressions and submit to your training, think again. That is not going to happen. I will attend your mandatory trainings armed with the history of the imposition of tyrannical, genocidal government.

At the end of the day, only a profound belief in Jesus can save this country from the holocaust that is coming. Only through Jesus can we truly become aware, that regardless of any of our backgrounds, we are all children of the one true God. Please believe me when I say that racism is nothing but an unmitigated power grab. (Click to Source)

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