North Dakota House passes bill banning face mask mandates, sponsor says state isn’t a ‘prison camp’

by Emma Colton, Social Media Manager |   | February 24, 2021 11:46 AM

North Dakota’s Republican-controlled House passed a bill banning mandatory face masks.

“Our state is not a prison camp,” state Rep. Jeff Hoverson, the bill’s sponsor, said.

The mask is a part of a larger apparatus of a movement of unelected, wealthy bureaucrats, who are robbing our freedoms and perpetuating lies,” he added.

North Dakota’s House voted 50-44 on Monday to prohibit the state, local governments, and schools from passing and enforcing mask mandates. It will next head to the Republican-controlled state Senate.

Gov. Doug Burgmun, a Republican, issued a statewide mask mandate in November, saying, “The data demands a higher level of mitigation efforts to reverse these dangerous trends.”

He lifted the mandate two months later.

Republican state Rep. Jason Dockter argued that Hoverson’s bill would strip local governments of control, saying cities, counties, and schools should have say over decisions regarding the coronavirus.

“If people wanted to decide to have a mask mandate, they should have that choice,” Dockter said. “They should also have the choice not to mandate.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said this week that wearing masks will probably be a part of life into 2022.

He also warned this week that people who have received both doses of the vaccine should still not dine out in restaurants or see movies in theaters.

“I still do not do dining indoors, and I still do takeout,” Fauci said during a Monday press briefing. “I want to continue to support the restaurants in my neighborhood that I would normally go to.” (Click to Source)

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