All this week: Has the Time Come to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF the U.S. Federal Government?


All this week on “The Hal Turner Radio Show” we will be talking abstractly about whether or not the American People have reached a moment where it is time for them to Alter, Abolish, or THROW-OFF, the federal government of the United States?

Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decisions refusing to hear Election Fraud cases involving the brazen and rampant criminal fraud which STOLE the U.S. Presidency, might turn out to be the straw which broke the proverbial camel’s back.

After the November 3 Election was brazenly stolen, and the electronic vote theft was broadcast on live TV, Americans looked to Congress to investigate.  Instead, on January 6, Congress rubber-stamped the brazen fraud and thereby allowed an ILLEGITIMATE President to steal the Presidency.

When Americans entered their own U.S. Capital to protest that same day, Congress retreated behind office doors barricaded with chairs, and not one member of congress came face to face with any American!  They hid in their offices like the girly men that they are because they KNEW what they were doing in approving fraudulent Electors, was wrong

Then, Congress started whining that there had been an “Insurrection” even though not one member of congress even came face to face with a protester and even though none of them were forcibly attacked or overthrown.  

As weeks went forward, Americans waited patiently for the US Supreme Court to redress the fraud issues and issues of Constitutional violations surrounding the election.  Instead, today, the Supreme Court refused to hear those cases.

What we are left with is a government that stole an election to win power, a phony President and Vice President, a corrupt Congress (both Houses), majorities of both which rubber-stamped the election fraud, and now, courts that won’t redress grievances peacefully.

It now appears that all PEACEFUL means to redress these grievances have been exhausted.   Thus, on the show, we will ask abstractly: Is it time to use force

Tune in Tonight, and all this week at 9:00 PM as we talk openly and ask: Is it time to remove this government (by whatever means are necessary) and lay in its place, a new government?

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