Are you prepared for the Endtimes? Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 20, 2021

Strange Sounds 19 hrs ago

Sky meets Earth: Meteor and erupting volcano in Kamchatka by Dutch photographer Tomas van der Weijden.

This is terrible for people living around volcanoes… You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! This is exactly the case of more than 200,000 people living around 3 volcanoes simultaneously erupting in Guatemala right now.

Farmers and ranchers across Texas are seeing devastating effects from the cold weather on livestock, feed and agriculture products. Texas agriculture commissioner issues RED ALERT warning on food supply chain

Meanwhile, millions of locusts are invading northern Kenya:

Thirty-one people have died in an outbreak of bubonic plague that erupted in northeastern DR Congo three months ago. They still have more than 520 cases.

Russia reports first human cases of H5N8 bird flu

Now we have blue dogs!

The extreme weather in the US is so severe even weather satellites are bewildered:Matthew Cappucci @MatthewCappucciThis is incredible. That purple bleeding south you see isn’t from clouds – extreme #cold is expanding as night commences, tricking satellites over #Texas and #Oklahoma into thinking there are clouds. Lake-effect snow too from Lakes Conroe and Livingston north of #Houston. February 16th 202129 Retweets78 Likes

Fukushima, the never-ending radioactive disaster, just got another slam!

But is the Texas snow real or fake?

The Perseverance rover has sent back its first high-resolution, full-color image from the red planet. And it’s clearly not red! 🙂10 Tampa Bay @10TampaBayHELLO MARS 👋 The @NASAPersevere rover has sent back its first high-resolution, full-color image from the red planet. 👀 The two other images show Perseverance just before its landing and a shot of one of its six wheels. #CountdownToMars 📷: @NASA

February 19th 20211 Retweet12 Likes

Now when will human follow?

And why are men suffering of infertility more than ever NOW!

You probably ever wanted to know where is the LOST 8th continent on Earth. below a map and here an article.

Human remains found inside crocodile

Google censorship expands to their own AI, after attacking Anti-Vaxxers.

At least 43 people have been injured and several properties destroyed after a M5.6 earthquake hit southwestern Iran on Thursday, 10:55 p.m. local time or 7:25 pm UTC.

The flipping of the Earth’s magnetic poles together with a drop in solar activity 42,000 years ago could have generated an apocalyptic environment that may have played a role in a major events ranging from the extinction of megafauna to the end of the Neanderthals.

By the way, our poles are flipping right now and we are in the deepest solar minimum in decades… Read the text above… Are we going to end like the Neanderthals?

The different colors of the rocks in Bowman Lake are due to the presence of Iron and Magnesium at different concentrations, as iron gets red when oxidized and Magnesium turns green.

Scientists have successfully “talked” to a sleeping person in real-time by invading their dreams. Dreamers can follow instructions, solve simple math problems and answer yes-no questions without ever waking up. Kind of scary, no?

Bill Gates hypocrisis: He calls for zero emissions then buys private jet company

Beware! Scary and graphic content! Inside the gruesome world of backstreet castrations

The skin of sea cucumbers under a microscope looks like anchors:

OMG! I wouldn’t like to be in this flight right now!michaela🦋 @michaelagiuliaFlight 328 @united engine caught fire. my parents are on this flight 🙃🙃 everyone’s okay though! February 20th 20215,429 Retweets14,604 Likes

This is how the world looks like in near infra-red. (Click to Source)

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