Welcome to the USA – The Inmates Are Now In Charge of the Asylum – Democrats Are Scared of Florida and Gov. DeSantis

by Jared DysonFebruary 14, 2021 in OpinionPolitical

Jacksonville, FL — It had been reported earlier that President Joe Biden was considering travel restrictions on the state of Florida over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Florida officials said that they would fight any restrictions put in place. Gov. Ron DeSantis said that any potential restrictions were unconstitutional and that it would simply be a political attack from Democrats.

Democrats have been critical of the handling of the coronavirus response in the state of Florida. Even though the state has performed as good, if not better, than states that have some of the harshest lockdown measures in place. The White House has since said that it will not implement travel restrictions on the state of Florida.

Since that’s the case, this is obviously about something more than just the coronavirus. This is about a party that sees a threat and is attempting to neutralize it once and for all.

People are fleeing Democratic strongholds across the country for the friendlier environment of Florida. Businesses across New York are fleeing to the state as they see their Democratic governor forcing them into shutdowns that are threatening their viability. Florida has measures in place to protect people, but those measures also take into account the need for businesses to survive and thrive amid the pandemic.

Americans are flocking to Florida to escape the crime, restrictions, and ridiculous leadership of Democrats. These Americans are showing Democrats that they love the freedom that Florida provides, which comes at the hands of Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis, a Republican, remains extremely popular in his state. Even amid the pandemic, DeSantis remains popular and Republicans remain in control of the leadership of the state.

Democrats obviously do not like that. They do not like that they have not won the state of Florida in several election cycles now. They have an issue that people are fleeing their control for freedom. So they obviously must attack DeSantis, of course.

DeSantis is seen as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. He is cut from a similar mold as President Trump, which will appeal to a majority of Trump voters. But he is not as rough around the edges. DeSantis carries the polished speaking ability and the political prowess to be a significant candidate for Republicans if he were to run. If Trump decides not to run in 2024, he very well may support and promote his own governor for the nation’s highest office.

Democrats obviously cannot have success in Florida. So they pulled in the help of their mainstream media friends. They started floating the idea of travel restrictions. Then the mainstream media started attacking Florida and DeSantis more and more. First, it was about how Florida was a nightmare for coronavirus. Then, they attacked DeSantis for shot failures. Even though Florida only trails Texas and California in terms of total vaccines given so far, aligning with general population numbers for the states.

The key here is that DeSantis and Florida leaders are doing something right. They are promoting freedom while taking measures to protect the citizens of the state. They are supporting businesses, rather than forcing them into submission. Democrats simply do not like that.

I expect more attacks on DeSantis and Florida to keep coming. The Democrats will not stop until they have successfully removed the threat that DeSantis may bring to the table. Joe Biden will keep looking for a way to punish Florida and the success that they are having, such as more drastic measures to kill tourism. It’s coming, just wait and see.

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