Ice Storm on the move . . . Treacherous Driving, Downed Trees, Lost Electricity


A very large storm system is moving northeastward toward New Jersey and New York City which forecasters say could bring  bringing hours of ICE to the region.

As of 7:00 AM, the storm is mostly in Mississippi and Alabama.  By 1:00 PM, it will have expanded into Kentucky, southern West Virginia, and will be making a bee-line toward New Jersey and New York City for late Monday into Tuesday.

Heavy bouts of icing will fall from the sky onto trees, power lines, and roadways.

Many trees may succumb to the weight of the ice, breaking off large branches or causing the trees to snap.  This, in turn, may take down electric power lines, wiping out the ability to heat homes.

As ice begins developing on roads, operating a motor vehicle will becomes VERY DANGEROUS.   No matter the tires, cars do not control well on ice. They slide into other vehicles along the road, slide off the road into light or utility poles, even go off embankments into ditches, sometimes overturning along the way.  People are URGED to stay off the roads when possible, because car wrecks in an ice storm are highly likely.

Homeowners are urged to have alternate heating for their homes.  While some homes have fire places, most do not anymore.  However, almost anyone can have a kerosene heater.  In some places, however, such heaters are UNLAWFUL.  Check your local regulations to make certain you do not run afoul of the law.

For those who cannot have kerosene heaters, perhaps an emergency generator would be of value.  This can supply your furnace with electric to run, even if power lines go down.  Of course, DO NOT run an electric generator indoors.  It’s engine gives off Carbon Monoxide gas which can kill people if used indoors.  Electric generators should be kept outside the home  in a well ventilated area when being operated.

Those without alternate heat or emergency electric will just have to layer-up clothing and cuddle under heavy blankets to stay warm. Leave water faucets dripping fast to try to avoid rupturing pipes.


The storm is continuing to develop and expand.   By 4:00 PM today, it will reach Pittsburgh, PA.   ALL AREAS IN PURPLE on the map below will be hit with serious ice: (Click to Source)

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