Welcome to the USA – The Inmates Are Now In Charge of the Asylum – China Means To Destroy Us…After Biden Weakens Our Defenses, Beijing Will Go Kinetic

by L Todd Wood February 14, 2021

Illegitimate President Joe Biden has been busy, or should I say his puppet masters have been busy. They know they don’t have much time as the American people are becoming ‘woke’ to the planned tragedy that happened on Nov 3rd of last year with the election stolen from our legitimate leader, Donald Trump.

You see, Joe has a mission.

His mission is to weaken the United States. This is to be done so the Chinese Communist Party can attack, and destroy America’s ability to defend herself.

Yes, Joe has been busy…just look at what he has done already in a few short weeks.

1 – The U.S. military is being purged of warfighters, in favor of cultural Marxism. The scourge that Chinese communists, along with their globalist enablers, have foisted on the West long-term — feminism, fake racism, fear of toxic masculinity, transgender agenda, climate change agenda, etc, etc…is being brought to a place of prominence in our armed forces. This is on purpose of course – to destroy our military from within.

2 – Our borders are now open. Biden is going to soon release 25,000 illegal aliens into the United States. This is just the first drop in the bucket. Just imagine what type of people are included in this horde — saboteurs, assassins, terrorists…the list goes on. These agents will be installed next to our power grid infrastructure, our water supply, anywhere where they can do massive damage once given the word.

3 – Our allies are being marginalized around the world. The Biden administration said recently they are ‘wondering’ if Israel and Saudi Arabia are close allies of the United States. No more peace in the Middle East! We want war and everyone hating each other! The Abraham Accords be damned to Hell!

4 – Our currency is continuing to be debased with Fed Chair Janet Yellen declaring she is just starting to drop the helicopter money and Congress is along for the ride. Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion is just a start of the massive debt pile to be created.

5 – Joe is busy installing spies and espionage experts within our intelligence community and Pentagon, our national security apparatus, all the while turning the ire of these three-letter-agencies internal towards Trump supporters, you know, those pesky Deplorables who want to save America. We’ll show them! To the Gulag!

Yes, Joe is on a mission. His son works for the spy chief of Beijing for God’s sake! Hunter admitted in on his laptop! Joe is compromised. And, I’ll say it again, Joe is illegitimate.

Deplorables have to get involved. If you care about your children’s, and your grandchildren’s future, you will get involved.

1 – Spread the evidence of election fraud. There is plenty out there. Navarroreport.com is a great place to start.

2 – Get involved in local politics…take back our party from the globalists. This is critical.

3 – Encourage your loved one in the armed forces to stay put, develop themselves, move into positions of leadership.

4 – Work on fixing elections in your state.

5. Pressure those weak, treasonous politicians, you know who they are, to do the right thing. If they don’t, work to primary them.

We don’t have much time…so get busy!

Wood out! (Click to Source)

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