President Trump Acquitted


The United States Senate has acquitted President Donald Trump on his second Impeachment.  The vote was 57 guilty to 43 Not Guilty.  A two-thirds majority of 67 was required to convict.

Here is a statement issued by President Trump after winning his historic second victory:

Here is a list of the seven Republicans who are so mentally weak, and so in-the-pocket of the establishment, that they voted with Democrats to convict:

These seven Senate Republicans voted to impeach Trump:

  • North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr
  • LouIsiana Sen. Bill Cassidy
  • Maine Sen. Susan Collins
  • Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Utah Sen. Mitt Romney
  • Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse
  • Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey

These people should be driven out of the Republican Party.  They should be confronted and viscerally criticized whenever they show their face in public, anywhere in their home state. 

The criticism should be so loud and so ferocious that no one will even want to go near any of their political events.  Each of them should be “Primary’ d” to oust them from office.

Donor information should be pulled from Federal Election Commission databases and their donors targeted for criticism and financial boycott if they donate to any of these people again.

As for those few who are retiring from public office, the firms which hire them should be targeted for criticism and economic impact, so that no firm in its right mind would even consider hiring these people for fear of public backlash and economic harm.

All peaceful.  All legal.   And all with devastating effects.

These people should be politically ruined and, if possible, personally ruined as well.

They are mental weaklings and political cowards.

Hal Turner Remarks (Language Warning)

Today’s liberals are not yesterday’s liberals. The democrat party and RINOS make up the establishment. This group saw Trump as a threat to their decades of grifting off the public. So they began their attack before he even took office.

Fake Russia, fake racism, fake incitement, faked videos, faked tweets, faked votes….Open your fucking eyes.

Hate Trump all you want…Hate republicans all you want. But open your fucking eyes and look around. Look at who at the absolute fuckery you are supporting.

Yesterday, Trumps lawyers exposed them to the world…plain as fucking day….and you still refuse to see it, when it was right in front of you.

The fucking capitol was cleared before the breach. No security, NG, or police were killed in the riot.
2 protesters died of heart attack
2 cops committed suicide 2 weeks later
1 cop died of a stroke 1 day later
1 protester was trampled to death
1 protester was shot and killed by security

those are the facts.

AOC did not almost die.

The first group who entered the capitol building were ANTIFA … its plain as day and the vid is there if you want to see it.

At least half the protesters surrounding the girl that was shot, have been identified as ANTIFA, including Sullivan who filmed it, and who also was released from custody immediately and appeared on CNN in full propaganda form.

The capitol chief stated in his letter that this was preplanned and the first 1000 protesters arrived 30 minutes before trumps speech was even finished…and they were organized, dressed in black, and wearing ear pieces.

This whole fucking thing was a sham.

And your Godless politicians did bail out ANTIFA rioters all last year. Its a fucking fact. Know what a fact is? Its truth…something the MSM never reports. (Click to Source)

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