Part of Trump’s Defense Was Just Leaked, and It’s Brilliant…Will the Media Air It?

This is going to be EPIC


Many of us know that Democrat’s impeachment case against Trump is about as strong as tissue paper.

This entire thing is going to blow up in their face, just like with the last case, but what Trump’s defense team has in store will have them hanging their heads in shame.

According to reports, Trump’s legal team is planning on calling out the Dems and their history of inciting/encouraging violence with an epic video montage.

This is going to be a sight to see folks!

From PJ Media

“There’s a lot of tape of cities burning and courthouses being attacked and federal agents being assaulted by rioters in the streets, cheered on by Democrats throughout the country, and many of them in Washington using really the most inflammatory rhetoric that’s possible to use,” Castor pointed out before noting that Democrats were not accused on inciting that violence, yet Trump is on video stating clearly that he wanted people to march peacefully to the Capitol.

“You better be careful what you wish for,” Castor said of the Democrats.

Democrats plan to use video of Trump as evidence that he incited the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, and Ingraham asked Castor if there would be a dueling video showing Democrats in Congress calling for political violence. “Will you then respond with Maxine Waters, a number of other Democrat officials not speaking out about the Antifa and other extremist rallies over the last summer?” Ingraham asked.

“I think you can count on that,” Castor said. “If my eyes look a little red to the viewers, it’s because I’ve been looking at a lot of video over the last several days.”

There is certainly ample evidence of Democrats calling for political violence that the Trump defense team could use, including Rep. Ayanna Pressley calling for “unrest in the streets,” Nancy Pelosi calling for uprisings against the Trump administration, and calling Republicans “domestic enemies,” Senator Cory Booker encouraging activists to “get up in the face” of Republican candidates and office-holders, and Maxine Waters encouraging the harassment of members of the Trump administration, just to name a few. (Click to Source)

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