Democrats Absurdly Trying To ‘Impeach’ An Empty Chair

Meanwhile, one thing is certain, the mantra Make America Great Again (MAGA) is far more enduring than the Democrats’ MALA (Make America Last Again)

By Judi McLeod —— Bio and ArchivesFebruary 5, 2021

Former President Donald Trump has left his enemies back in the dust, a dust that goes on choking them—even in his absence.

Proof of that will play out at next week’s Impeachment when Democrats, aided and abetted by Republican anti-Trumpers, will absurdly go through a process of impeaching, what in reality is, an empty chair.

‘Trump will be largely absent from his own trial’ (Inspired Traveller, Feb. 5, 2021)

Like dead men who can’t vote,  inanimate objects like chairs can’t talk back.  But the unceasing chatter of the masses, members of which will watch the Democrats’ visceral hatred against an empty chair representing the man they live to hate, will laugh uproariously and remember their kangaroo court forever.

“Far from the White House, Donald Trump plays the policy of the empty chair. The former US president will not testify in the context of his trial in the Senate, one of his advisers announced Thursday, declining an invitation made by the elected Democrat who leads the prosecution in this case. The former “president will not testify in unconstitutional proceedings,” his adviser Jason Miller said. (Inspired Traveller)

LOL!  The hatred of the Democrats, which leeched out into the entire world during the past five years, will finally strike an impenetrable brick wall.

“The Republican billionaire will be tried from Tuesday for “incitement to insurrection” as part of the impeachment procedure which, according to his defense, can only apply to a sitting president.” (Inspired Traveller)

Anyone left with the impression that only Republicans are billionaires,  look again.

You Can’t Impeach an Empty Chair – Senate Impeachment Doomed for 2 Reasons

“You cannot prove your accusations”

Impeachment, including “incitement to insurrection” is intended to be a Hollywood-like Fright Night, but is already turning into an irrepressible comedy.

“Democrat Jamie Raskin, who will play the role of prosecutor at the hearings, had invited him to “testify under oath before or during the trial about his conduct on January 6”, the day his supporters attacked the Capitol. (Inspired Traveller)

“We propose that your testimony, which will of course include cross-examination, take place between Monday 8 and Thursday 11 February,” the elected representative of the House of Representatives wrote to him. “If you decline this invitation, we reserve all rights, including the right to argue at trial that your refusal to testify weighs heavily against you,” Jamie Raskin added.

“The former president’s lawyers immediately denounced a “communication blow” in a procedure they said was “unconstitutional”. “This confirms what everyone knows: you cannot prove your accusations against the 45th President of the United States, who has become a simple citizen again,” they replied to Jamie Raskin in a letter posted by several media .

“The former Republican president is accused of having encouraged his supporters to launch an assault on the Capitol, at the same time when elected officials were certifying the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election. Just before the attack, he spoke to a crowd of protesters gathered in Washington to protest his defeat. “You will never take back our country by being weak. You have to show strength, ”he told them.

“A week later, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives indicted him and Donald Trump became the first president in US history to twice endure the infamy of “impeachment.”

“He had already been sent to trial at the end of 2019 for asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son. He had not testified at this first trial and was quickly acquitted by a Senate with a Republican majority.

“Even though the Democrats have since regained control of the upper house, it will be difficult for them to rally enough Republicans to meet the threshold of 67 out of 100 senators needed for a guilty verdict.”

Democrats cannot impeach MAGA

While Trump, the main source of the Democrats’ hatred seems to have gone with the wind, thousands of smoke signals are being sent up by Trump supporters all over the land.

Delighted that they have pulled the kill switch against their mortal enemy, Democrats are not aware that you can’t kill a concept or an idea that’s more contagious, in effect, than a pandemic, used to frighten off, then control the masses.

The ever-elusive Donald J. Trump may be gone by dint of having lost a suspect election, but the MAGA movement he founded, is stronger than ever.

And hard as they might try, and even with the majority of the mainstream and social media on their side, the Democrats cannot impeach MAGA.

The Democrats who believe that Trump is out there and that wherever he is, he’s up to no good, are spot-on.

Trump is out there, only this time, no longer vulnerable to cutthroats like former Vice President, Mike Pence, who has joined the wonky Heritage Foundation and will be writing columns for the Daily Signal, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and others to leak salacious stories to an ever-waiting drooling media.

Now Trump supporters within the growing MAGA movement no longer just suspect, but know who the enemies are.

Meanwhile, one thing is certain, the mantra Make America Great Again (MAGA) is far more enduring than the Democrats’ MALA (Make America Last Again) one. (Click to Source)

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