Alert: Massive moons or planetoid-like objects filmed in the Dubai sky from many angles, locations

Some say the two objects may be the Planet X or Nibiru system, some claim UFOs, some say holograms. But one thing is for sure — the objects did appear in the night sky.

By Shepard Ambellas – February 7, 2021 | 9:28 am

What appears to be two massive celestial objects in the night sky in Dubai recently were captured on video last week by multiple eyewitnesses from multiple camera angles and locations.

The two objects appear to be moons or planetoids or one possibly planetoid and a moon.

“Look at that,” a woman said while driving as the passenger filmed the objects in the sky. “What is that?”

Another video shot from a different angle and location in the city shows the two massive objects in the night sky.

Screenshot via YouTube

A third angle…

Screenshot via YouTube

A fourth angle…

Screenshot via YouTube

A fifth angle of the objects…

Screenshot via YouTube

A sixth angle and independent video…

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch the full video…

Some speculate that the objects or at least one of the objects may be a holographic projection. Others believe the objects are solid in nature. Also, there is the possibility that the appearance of the objects was created by a rare atmospheric phenomenon.

Another theory suggested by a UFO debunker was that the objects were “advertising balloons” that were possibly part of some promotion. However, there is zero evidence to support this claim.

Could this dovetail with the ‘red sky at night’ that was also captured on video last week?

You be the judge. Please comment below in the comments section of this website. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, and Telegram. (Click to Source)

Learn more about Planet X on Intellihub.

H/T: David Wilson

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