‘Your Order Is an Attack on Our Economy’: Indian Tribe’s Letter About a New Biden Order


The Ute Indian Tribe, the second biggest Indian reservation in the United States, sent a letter to Acting Secretary of the Interior Scott de la Vega about President Joe Biden’s leader request that put a 60-day ban on licenses identifying with coastal and seaward oil and gas improvement. Those licenses additionally incorporate boring.

As per the Tribe’s Chairman, Luke Duncan, the chief request will destructively affect his kin. He is requesting the Department of the Interior to make an exclusion to the request, considering licenses to happen on ancestral terrains.

“Your request is an immediate assault on our economy, power, and our entitlement to self-assurance,” Duncan composed. “Indian grounds are not government public terrains. Any activities on our properties and interests must be taken after compelling ancestral meeting.”

Duncan approached de la Vega to either totally pull out the leader arrange or change it so ancestral power laws are regarded.


A year ago, Congress passed the Great American Outdoors Act, which redistributes expenses from penetrating on Bureau of Land Management grounds to the National Parks Service and National Forest Service. The cash is utilized for keeping up those parks and timberlands. As indicated by the Colorado Sun, BLM at present has 26.3 million sections of land under rent to oil and gas makers.

Not having new allows compromises preservation endeavors the nation over. (Click to Source)

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