“Experts” Now Say Americans Should Wear THREE Masks

by Paul Joseph Watson January 27th 2021, 5:36 am

Why not just a full Hazmat suit?

Citing researchers at Virginia Tech, CNBC says that Americans should be wearing THREE face masks in order to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

After Dr. Fauci asserted that wearing two face coverings instead of one would be “more effective” in stopping the virus, CNBC’s Contessa Brewer went even further.

“The experts keep telling us that wearing masks is really about protecting others from ourselves in the event that we are contagious, but you know if other people aren’t wearing their masks or they’re wearing them improperly, we need to protect ourselves,” she said as she began to put a mask on.

“So experts say you can double up with a tight weave fabric mask for added protection,” said Brewer while placing a second mask over her face.

She then cited Virginia Tech researchers who found that doubling up on masks can increase efficacy by 50-75% before announcing, “A three layer mask could block up to 90% of the particles.”

Brewer then pulled out a Chinese KN95 mask, which apparently has five layers and is so tight it leaves a mark on the face after wearing it.

Host Shep Smith then told viewers that they should chop off their facial hair too because that made masks ineffective.

Presumably, if “experts said” Americans could only venture outside while trapped in a giant bubble, people would comply without question.

The question also arises once again; If even wearing three masks doesn’t provide 100% protection against COVID, what’s the point in wearing one?

The notion of wearing three masks might not just be absurd, it could actually be dangerous.

During a discussion about whether people should wear two masks, CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said, “three masks may be going too far, since that could interfere with the ability to breathe.”

As we previously highlighted, it went from wearing a mask to now wearing two masks being the best way to get virtue signaling social media clout.

Apparently, now even those people are irresponsible, potentially “killing granny,” and should be triple masking if they really want to prove they’re good people. (Click to Source)

One thought on ““Experts” Now Say Americans Should Wear THREE Masks

  1. As always great article, Hounds!
    In my opinion, the use of masks should be limited to disposable surgical ones and not the cloth ones. Most cloth masks have no protection. They do not serve as a barrier at all. They absorb moisture which kills their protection. The best masks, so far, are the 4 ply surgical ones. People just need to understand that if the mask gets wet, or you touch it with hands that haven’t been sanitized, toss it and put on a new one right away. Also, make sure that each day is a new, clean mask. Expensive to do? Yes! The thing is, it could save your life. Recovering from Covid is far more pricy, and could mean death or disability.


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