The Truth About Russia And The Neo-Bolshevik West

by L Todd Wood January 24, 2021

The Free World Is Dead

“I will not see the destruction of the Christian converts who are loyal to me, and to my last breath I will fight for the Orthodox faith. “
                                  – Ivan the Terrible


At CDMedia, we value truth. We search for honesty and let the tip of the truth spear land where it may.

With protests raging in Moscow, we thought it might be a beneficial exercise to compare both systems of government in the U.S. and the Russia Federation as they exist today.

First, let’s just say it — the free world is dead. Joe Biden is not the leader of the free world — he is a decaying husk of a ghost, a placeholder for the globalist scourge. He will be gone soon, and we will be left with an even less honorable person, a person who is ready to implement the evil policies of the Marxist, globalist left. Kamala Harris is many things, but a self-less leader who will defend America is not one of them.

America is no longer Ronald Reagan”s ‘shining city on the hill’…instead, it is a drug-infested autonomous zone with a surveillance state only a Chinese Communist Party member could love, where men who call themselves women take medals from the weaker sex in track meets. It is a place where so-called priests prey on little boys. It is where Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell steal elections through fraud, with the help of the CCP and an orgy of foreign interference. Yes, Mitch and the GOP sold out American a long time ago.

America is where the ‘oppressed’ burn their own neighborhoods, and blame it on the police, which they then defund to enable gang-governance. It is where people who preach against alleged racism, hate other races with public impunity. It is a place where the courts of the land are corrupt, in bed with the coup plotters on Nov 3rd of last year.

The free world is dead. We may get it back…but for now, let’s get off our high horse. 80 million Americans have been disenfranchised with the flick of a voting machine switch. The American experiment in human governance has taken a disastrous turn, one that if we don’t correct, will soon lead to Biden playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

Europe is in worse shape than America when it comes to liberty.

So let’s talk about Russia.

Currently, the ‘color revolution’ is starting up again in Moscow. Daily demonstrations are raging over the arrest and imprisonment of Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who returned after being poisoned by Novichok, a Soviet-developed nerve agent.

Navalny recently exposed more Kremlin corruption by releasing blueprints of an alleged Putin palace on the Black Sea, complete with a pole-dancing strip club and other non-virtue-signaling amenities.

There is no doubt the Russian oligarchy steals from the people. The people are simply serfs for the Oprichnina. This has been the system in what is now called the Russian Federation for over a thousand years. It is in the Russian blood. Over half the Russian population wants a ‘strong leader’.

But who is Alexei Navalny? Many analysts say he is a Russian nationalist, only wanting to make Russia great again.

Western commentators often shy away from discussing Navalny’s Russian nationalism, but it is a strong component in his appeal. The Russian liberals of the 1990s were slavishly pro-Western and their disastrous shock therapy, straight out of Harvard textbooks, alienated a generation of Russians who saw Putin as a saviour. By mixing his calls for free and fair elections with a strong dose of “Make Russia Really Great Again”, Navalny is mining a seam of domestic support once securely in Putin’s column, reports The Telegraph.

That sentiment is all well and good for Russia’s future…however…

There was one puzzling moment in the last few months, that may be a Navalny tell — he couldn’t wait to congratulate Joe Biden after Biden was ‘elected’ to the presidency of the United States.

Of course, there is massive evidence Biden stole the election (or his handlers did). The fact that Navalny was eager to be one of the first to congratulate the man with the ‘biggest voter fraud operation in history’ is important. Yes, it is shocking that a man who is preaching against election fraud and corruption would be one of the first to congratulate a man who won election by election fraud and corruption; but there is a bigger tell….

Navalny’s eagerness to seek Biden’s favor is a sign of support by the globalist Soros/Obama/CCP cabal, and is ominous.

Congratulating the manipulator-in-chief Biden, who singlehandedly destroyed elections in the free world, is not a good sign.

So, Russians have a choice. They can attempt to depose Putin, and his oligarchy, and take a chance on Navalny, but they need to have clear eyes when doing so.

For, it is obvious the Deep State really wants to get rid of Putin, almost as bad as they wanted to get rid of Trump.

What’s wrong with that you say? Isn’t Russia behind all our problems? Didn’t they manipulate our elections and prop up Donald Trump? At least, that is what we are told. However, I believe the world does not exist as the Deep State media tells us.

Russia is an adversary for sure, and has been attempting to destroy our way of life since WWII with their diabolical security services. There is no doubt Russia was behind deaths of American servicemen in the Middle East in recent decades, as payback for our actions in Afghanistan. However, their current capabilities are not up to the media’s presentation.

Let’s take the encrypted app Telegram for instance. The FSB (new KGB) could not decrypt the app as needed and attempted to block it in the Russian Federation several years ago, endangering secure communications for Russian citizens.

What happened after the authorities blocked several URLs tied to Telegram? The gates at wealthy Russian gated communities stopped working, along with other annoying domestic technologies, but Telegram still worked. There was an explosion of Kremlin incompetence memes on the Moscow internet.

Russia simply doesn’t have the technical capability to mount such a massive election fraud that happened on Nov 3rd in the U.S.. No, the steal was done by the Democrat Party in conjunction with an entity with far more cunning and blessed with stolen tech know how – the Chinese Communist Party.

The Deep State is currently conducting a color revolution as we speak in Moscow. The U.S. embassy was just caught publicizing locations for rallies against Putin. This is the same thing that happened in Belarus.

This is a good thing if what would follow under Deep State control is freedom, free markets, freedom of speech, of political thought, etc.

But, we no longer have representative democracy in our republic. That was made very clear on Nov 3rd. What is happening is a thirst for control, a power play of global proportions. All enabled by our corporate media, and corporations themselves. Soviet Pravda would be jealous.

I used to think Obama hated Putin’s Russia due to racism against whites. That may have been partially true, but the real reason Hussein disrespected Putin’s slouch was the fact that he stood up to the globalist agenda, and therefore had to be destroyed. Hence the Russia, Russia, Russia refrain for the last five years.

I think Vlad saw what the West was becoming a decade ago. He kicked Soros NGOs out of the country, built up his military, and made moves in Russia’s interest in his ‘near abroad’.

He also made moves to protect Russian demographic security, its culture and heritage, and its way of life. For instance, the Russia Orthodox Church is now enshrined in the Russian constitution. Yes, this is self-serving Christianity, used to maintain power, just as the tsars did. However, as one wise older woman recently told me, ‘It doesn’t matter if they are getting it for the wrong reasons, they are still getting it.’

Putin also made illegal the instruction of the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ to children 15 or younger. Unfortunately this led to violence in Russia against gays, which is completely unacceptable.

Putin has pushed fertility, the nuclear family, motherhood, and apple blini.

Park in Moscow

Before you think I am a Putin-file, it is also obvious the Kremlin has used repression and force where needed to maintain power. Scores of journalists have been murdered. Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot in the back steps from the Kremlin walls. Brute force has been used in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Chechnya and elsewhere, to expand the rump of the post-Soviet Russian state.

But like I said, Russians have a choice. A choice between the devil you know and the devil you don’t. What is important to understand is that the globalist effort to remove Putin has nothing to do with Russia becoming free — it has to do with Russia becoming a vassal state, like the U.S. is fast approaching, to communist China and its corporate minions.

It is a choice between the mobsters you know, where leaders pleasure themselves in palaces with pole-dancing women, and the globalist alternative, where they harvest your organs while you are still alive.

The Putin-alternative may be a globalist government who will import tens of millions of migrants from third world countries to destroy your culture and security.

Even the mob has rules, and supported the local community in its own way.

The globalists are satanic, anti-human. Red the Gulag Archipelago if you want to put yourself in that dystopian future. They will destroy your soul.

The world is approaching a dark place. ‘I’m the government and i’m here to help’. Be careful what you wish for.

Perhaps Navalny is simply a Russian nationalist who wants better for his people – but Russian should vet him further before installing him in power in a Western-backed coup.

I spoke to a Russian citizen recently in New York about Russian freedom. He said some interesting things.

‘Russians are free to enjoy western history, free to be a feminine woman where she is free to rely on a man if she wants, or free to be a businesswoman. We are free from the evils of globalism. We are free to be a boy or a girl, how we were born. We are free from homosexual propaganda. Woman are free to have their own bathrooms and to only compete against other girls in sports. We are free to go to church. We are free to respect, revere, and cherish our national history and culture.’

I responded, ‘You are also free to be left without a coat in winter to die after being beaten, shot it the back in your stairwell or near the kremlin if you’re an opposition figure, be thrown out of a tenth story window if you anger the wrong person. Free to be beaten if you are gay. Free to be forced to suck up to the local mob boss. Free to be poisoned with radiation abroad if you anger the power.’

‘Freedom has a price’ he said. ‘It isn’t free. A majority of Russians understand the horrors of Soviet atheism and repression. The younger generations do not.’

As far as the globalists are concerned, Hussein’s preacher said it best – ‘God damn America!’

This is why the coup plotters moved 35,000 troops to the Capitol and requested crew-served machine guns to be aimed at law-abiding Americans– to make a point — we have the power.

Russians can’t understand why Americans want to fight for our freedom. If you haven’t experienced freedom, you can’t understand how precious it really is.

‘We are more free than you at the moment’, Russians say. For now, they may be right.

This is not Ronald Reagan’s democracy, it is a clever mirage, one that uses America’s values cynically for power.

The free world is deader than the plasticized corpse of Lenin in Red Square. (Click to Source)

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